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     July 24th
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The Tome of Lore:  Table of Contents

Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


Though his name was long-synonymous with deceit and trickery, the master mage known as Varkyn has, in recent years, come to be regarded as a legendary hero and adventurer. There are still those, however, who refer to him using terms such as 'scoundrel' and 'rogue' (and sometimes, worse).

Varkyn is also commonly referred to as a 'trickster' because of powerful magic he secreted away in many of the items he enchanted.

Perhaps the most famous of his 'trick' items is the legendary Ring of Motley Wonder. This magical, platinum ring, not seen for centuries, is said to be engraved with the silhouetted head and shoulders of four sinister-looking figures, and to possess a vast array of mysterious and potent magic that can be unlocked by its wearer.

Varkyn disappeared nearly six centuries ago, though the tales surrounding his unexplained departure always seem to indicate that he left the Ring of Motley Wonder behind...but just one knows.

Adventurers passing through the Griffon Crags (a rugged, forest region in Central Tysa) have reported discovering the ruins of what is believed to have been one of Varkyn's five towers -- all of which were razed just prior to his mysterious disappearance, six hundred years ago.

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