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Nolly killed Glowing Skeletal Commander in 22 rounds...  view more

     May 31st
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Sryth's bravest adventurers can be found in the Hall of Champions...

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  The hidden lair of a murderous fugitive has just been discovered -- and it belongs to one of the deadly cohorts of the dreaded Phantom Assassin...

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  The fight to bring down a murderous fugitive has begun. Adventurers have a multitude of combat options at their disposal...

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  Your adventures begin in the village of Hawklor, a small settlement nestled in the Hart Hills of Southwest Tysa.

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  A brave adventurer looks over some of the many adventures available from their current game location...

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  The capital city of the Kingdom of Tysa is one of many locations that provide a grand opportunity for both exploration and adventure...

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  An intrepid adventurer is brazenly exploring the Caves of Westwold -- one of the first adventures you're likely to tackle. Be careful in there!

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  Having just slain a deadly foe, an adventurer makes a search of the beast's lair and discovers several items of interest.

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  Confronted by a vicious crag wolf, deep within the gloomy confines of the creature's den, an adventurer prepares for battle...

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  Guided by the helpful and ever-present on-screen dungeon map, an adventurer explores a dangerous section of a sweltering jungle.

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  Blade Square, a famous (though some prefer to say 'infamous') quadrangle in the city of Trithik is a place rife with adventure, intrigue, and danger.

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