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     June 14th
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  Having just escaped from the bandits that ambushed the coach in which he was a passenger, Algol finds himself in the village of Hawklor. His next move should be to explore this small, but intriguing settlement.

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  Irzynn the Outfitter is retiring and closing up shop. Pay him a visit and he just might provide you with some useful gear...for free!

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  Algol makes his way to Talinus and pays a visit to the Iron Claw Weapon Market where he searches for a sword he hopes will serve him well. He remains wary while moving throughout the Kingdom's capital city.

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  "The Savage Wild" and "The Caves of Westwold" are two adventures available in Hawklor. Story-driven adventures like these are found all throughout the game.

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  Algol cautiously explores the dark, twisting passages of a sprawling cave. The automatic dungeon map keeps track of your progress. You can even navigate dungeon settings by clicking on the map.

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  Confronted by a vicious crag wolf, deep within the gloomy confines of the creature's lair, Algol bravely prepares for battle.

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  Algol can expect no quarter from the Crag Wolf. Undeterred, the brazen adventurer engages the beast, slashing out at the creature with his blade.

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  Algol has slain the crag wolf that attacked him! After catching his breath, he'll resume his wary exploration of the gloom-filled cave.

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  Resting in the wilds can sometimes prove perilous, but a wounded adventurer sometimes has no choice but to take the risk. Algol's breif respite restores him to full health and (thankfully) passes uneventfully.

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  Blade Square, a famous (though some prefer to say 'infamous') quadrangle in the city of Trithik is a place rife with adventure, intrigue, and danger. Algol had best be on his guard.

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