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     April 24th
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Sryth Documentation

Version: 2024.04.22.3

This Documentation provides a lean and concise guide for playing Sryth.

You'll find more detailed game information (including hints, walkthroughs, tips, and tricks) by visiting the Sryth Wiki.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
    1. Signing up to play
    2. Creating Characters
    3. Playing The Game
  2. Character Statistics
    1. Melee Rating
    2. Stamina Points
    3. Agility
    4. Aura
    5. Body
    6. Mind
    7. Might
    8. Spirit
    9. Luck
  3. Character Skills
    1. Arcana
    2. Archery
    3. Diplomacy
    4. Horsemanship
    5. Lore
    6. Seamanship
    7. Thievery
    8. Unarmed Combat
    9. Weaponry
    10. Woodsmanship
  4. Character Powers
    1. Necromancy
    2. Gating
    3. Destruction
    4. Restoration
    5. Divination
    6. Illusion
    7. Elementalism
    8. Telekinesis
    9. Conjuration
    10. Fortification
  5. Items
    1. Types
    2. Obtaining
    3. Using
    4. Equipping/Unequipping
    5. Dropping
    6. Selling
  6. Monsters & Combat
    1. Starting Combat
    2. How Combat Works
    3. Killing vs. Subduing
    4. Fighting a Round of Combat
    5. Using Your Powers,Skills, and Items in Combat
    6. Viewing Combat Results
    7. Fleeing From Combat
    8. Winning Combat
    9. Losing Combat
  7. Playing The Game
    1. Saving & Restoring Your Game
    2. Event Adventures
    3. Map Overview
    4. Playing Tips

1. Getting Started

Starting your adventures in Sryth is quick and easy.

It's free to sign up and play. All you need is a valid email address. You'll also need to think up a username and password for your account.

1.1 - Signing up to play

It's free to sign up and play. Just pay a visit to the signup page and submit the required information to create your Sryth™ account.

A Welcome Email (which includes a special Bonus Code) will be sent to the email address that you provide. The Bonus Code can be redeemed for an Experience bonus for your characters.

Make certain the email address used for your Sryth™ account is valid so that you'll receive your Bonus Code!

You should receive your email notification fairly quickly, however the length of time that it takes depends on a whole host of factors completely outside of our small realm of influence.

1.2 - Creating Characters

Once your account is created (please see "Signing up to play" above), you're ready to start playing. Before you actually start playing, however, you'll need to create a character.

To create a character you must first login to your account by clicking any one of the Play! links on the site.

When the game window appears, you will be asked to login using your username and password.

Once you're logged in to your account, you will be presented with a list of your characters (provided that you've created at least one character), as well as with a link that lets you create a brand new character.

Just click on the Create a New Character link to start the character creation process.

1.3 - Playing The Game

Once you've signed up as a member and completed the account registration process, you're ready to start playing! Just click on any of the Play! links located throughout the site and login using your username and password.

2. Character Statistics

Each character you create will have a set of statistics, defining his or her attributes and abilities. Therefore, a "character statistic" is a numerical representation of your character's ability level in a given area.

There are 9 basic statistics that all characters possess. When you create a new character, the first step is to "roll" your character's statistics. For all statistics, the higher the number, the better that character's ability in a given statistic is.

Agility, Aura, Body, Mind, Spirit, Might, and Luck all have a minimum score of 2 and a maximum score of 20 when your character is first created. A value between 9 and 11 is considered "average".

Melee Rating has a minimum value of 3 and a maximum value of 28. Stamina Points has a minimum value of 3 and a maximum value of 32.

The aforementioned minimum and maximum values are only "starting values". Depending upon the success your character finds in the game (or lack thereof), his or her stats may increase or decrease both above and below the starting minimums or maximums.

Here are the basic character statistics will all relevant information:

Character Stat Description Starting Range
Melee Rating

This is a measure of combat prowess. The higher your Melee Rating, the better you will be at defending yourself and attacking others. This stat is mainly concerned with hand-to-hand combat with weapons. A character with magic spells or other abilities, for example, can be effective in combat even if their Melee Rating score is low.

During combat your Melee Rating will be compared to that of your enemy. The ratio of your two Melee Ratings will determine who has the upper hand in the fight.

You can increase your Melee Rating by finding and using better weapons, and by increasing skills that have to do with combat (Weaponry skill for example).

3 - 28
Stamina Points

This is a measure of your overall health and physical endurance. Simply put, it's how much punishment you can take before you drop dead. When your Stamina Points drop to zero, you are dead. You may regain lost stamina points by resting, or through a variety of other means, although your total stamina points can never exceed your maximum.

You can increase your Stamina Point total by finding and donning different types of armour. There are also certain skills and powers which can help to increase your Stamina Point total.

3 - 32

How physically agile your character is. A high agility score might permit you to dodge flying objects, or balance on a tightrope. A low score would indicate clumsiness, or the inability to react to physical situations quickly.

2 - 20

Your ability to perceive less-than-obvious things from the world around you. Aura is perhaps the single most important skill for characters who wish to acquire and successfully wield magical and other supernatural powers. Aura affects your ability to acquire and wield supernatural powers (such as magic).

2 - 20

This is a measure of your physical endurance. If your body was attempting to fight off frostbite, or a deadly disease, a high body score would help you. If your character had to make an attempt to survive being struck by a runaway wagon, a high body score would once again be of value.

2 - 20

This is your ability to think and reason. With a high mind score you would be able to learn new things quickly and effectively.

2 - 20

This is your raw physical strength. A high might score means you can lift more weight, and strike things harder than a character with a low might score. The total bulk of equipment that you can carry is directly related to your might score.

2 - 20

While BODY is your physical endurance, spirit is your mental endurance. A high spirit score means that you will have a better chance of controlling your thoughts and feelings than someone with a low spirit score. If you were being tortured, or if you were attempting to press on when all hope had failed you, a high spirit score could help you to succeed. Spirit can best be described as a combination of mental fortitude and faith. It may help you to combat certain types of mental attacks (psionics, telepathy, etc.).

2 - 20

Luck is luck. It can best be described as the difference between walking along the street and finding a pouch containing 10 gold tokens and not finding one. Or, buying a map from a local cartographer only to later discover that it marks the final resting place of a valuable treasure. There are a million and one scenarios. Just keep in mind, it's better to be lucky than unlucky.

2 - 20

When you create a character, that character's statistics are set. It is possible to have your character's stats increase or decrease as you play the game. For example, your character might stumble upon a Belt of Heroic Strength, which would grant a +4 bonus to their might score when it is worn. Or, your character may be bitten by a venomous spider, and the bite may cause a penalty of -2 to be applied permanently to your agility score.

You will discover that both permanent and temporary stat increase/decreases are to be found throughout the world of Sryth.

Skills (see the next section) can also have an affect on your character's stats. For example, the skill Weaponry will help our your Melee Rating.

Your stats can also help or hurt other stats. The two examples of this are Melee Rating and Stamina Points. Might, Agility, Mind, and Luck affect your Melee Rating score, while Body, Spirit, and Luck affect your Stamina Point score.

2.1 - Character Stat Titles

When you look at your character's statistics during the game you will notice a title associated with your score for each particular stat. The titles provide a quick reference of your character's ability level in a given stat.

The Character Stat Titles:

Statistic Score Title
2 Abysmal
3 - 4 Pathetic
5 - 6 Low
7 - 8 Below Average
9 -12 Average
13 - 14 Above Average
15 - 16 Exceptional
17 - 18 Amazing
19 Incredible
20 Superhuman

3. Character Skills

Another part of your character's unique makeup is the set of skills that he or she possesses. Unlike your character's stats, skills are not innate character abilities.

A skill has a minimum level of 1 and a maximum level of 100. When you start a new character, or restart an existing character, you will be able to allocate 20 points to four out of a selection of ten skills. You may allocate as much or as little of the 20 points as you wish. You could spend all 20 points developing a single skill, or spread it around and spend 5 points on 4 different skills.

During the course of your adventures in Sryth you may come upon opportunities to acquire new skills or improve existing ones. You may improve any skill you possess by spending Experience on it. Your character will earn Experience during their adventures by defeating enemies, completing tasks, and generally achieving success.

As your skill level with a particular skill increases, so does the Experience cost related to advancing it.

To check the state of your skills while playing (including their current level and how much it will cost in Experience to advance it to the next level) click the Skills button on the lower part of your game screen.

Here are the basic character skills that are available to you at the start of the game:

Skill Description

This skill is concerned with mastery of knowledge about all things of magical or supernatural occurrence. A character skilled in Arcana will be able to decipher magical texts, and learn and improve magical or other supernatural abilities more easily than a character without. If your character hopes to be using lots of magic, and figuring out how to use magical items, this is a skill that can help you.

Related Stats: Aura, Mind


This skill may not help you learn or wield magic more effectively, but it will help you to shoot a variety of bows with deadly accuracy. If you find yourself fashioning your character after Robin Hood, you may want to select this skill. Or, if you character has a poor Melee Rating score, Archery can help. It may allow you to weaken, or even defeat certain enemies before they reach melee range. Bow and arrows not included.

Related Stats: Agility, Body, Luck


Would you know how to properly greet the King of Phiadon? Will you ever have the need to bluff your way out of a bad situation? The skill of Diplomacy is one of tact, and with proper use it can reap you nice rewards, as well as save your hide.

Related Stats: Mind, Spirit


Horsemanship is the ability to control, ride, and take care of horses. It could also be of use with non-horselike creatures that you can mount and ride. A character with Horsemanship will be more effective on horseback than a character not skilled in the discipline. It will enable you to fight from the saddle, utilize unfriendly steeds, and ride like a champion.

Related Stats: Agility, Body


Lore is a skill concerned with research, and knowledge. When all else fails, a character skilled in Lore might just know that the towering iron golem thundering in their direction is impervious to all forms of attack save for Elemental Magic. Lore can help a character piece together sparse information or decipher clues and riddles.

Related Stats: Mind, Luck


Seamanship, as its name suggests, is a skill concerned primarily with the sea, and the ships that travel on them. However, don't be fooled, for Seamanship covers nearly all methods of water travel. It will allow you to navigate successfully on the open water, as well as pilot a variety of craft. If you hope to one day outrun Belrikian pirates (or turn about and ram them), this is a skill you should consider.

Related Stats: Body, Spirit


The silent art. Stealth. Sleight-of-hand. Deception. Thievery is concerned with many underhanded activities. The basic Thievery skill not only encompasses a wide range of unsavoury practices, but it serves as a gateway to many further specialized rogueish skills.

Related Stats: Agility, Luck

Unarmed Combat

Unarmed Combat, in a nutshell, is the skill of fighting in melee combat without the use of weapons. When this skill reaches a high level, the character who possesses it may find that his or her hands and feet are instruments of combat as potent as any weapon.

Related Stats: Agility, Body, Mind


Weaponry is a skill concerned with utilizing weapons effectively in melee combat. The base skill of Weaponry incorporates all handheld weapons, although it is rumoured that specialized weaponry disciplines exist, allowing characters to specialize in a certain type of weapon. The prerequisite for these specialized disciplines is, of course, Weaponry.

Related Stats: Agility, Body, Might


Despite numerous cities and growing dominion of its human population, Sryth is still a very wild place. Woodsmanship skill can serve to give your character an edge of the untamed portions of the world. From navigating your way through the wilderness, to identifying and interacting with wild animals, to survival, Woodsmanship encompasses a lot. Ever tried to locate a swamp dragon's den, or track a wounded forest troll? With enough skill in Woodsmanship you just might be able to.

Related Stats: Body, Mind, Spirit

When you start a new character, or start over with an existing character, make wise choices about the skills you select. It might be a good idea to break up the 20 points into the maximum allowable 4 skills, thus giving your character a wide range to utilize.

As explained above, during the course of your adventures in Sryth, you may have the opportunity to acquire new skills. Some of these new skills may be among the basic ten skills, or they may be entirely new. Also, some of these new skills may require that you already have proficient level with another skill before you can acquire it.

4. Character Powers

Throughout the ages of Sryth's vast history (Igtheon, Araludon, and Thyreon), the abundance and potency of the magical energy that cradles this world have gone through dramatic shifts. However, during the Age of Igtheon, the world of Sryth is teeming with magical energy -- enough to offer both great rewards and great danger to those who seek to harness it.

It could be said with a great deal of accuracy that magic wielders on Sryth are less "magic users" than they are "conduits" for magical energy. What does this mean?

Magic on the world of Sryth comes in the form of Nevernal energy -- a raw, and unpredictable force of great power that seeps into the realm of man from a place known as the Neverness.

The Neverness is dark, shadow-filled, surreal realm, existing on another plane of existence from Sryth -- another dimension entirely.

It is from this mysterious and boundless dimension of eternal night that magic flows, its power interweaving into the fabric of the world of Sryth, driving its destiny and at the same time poisoning its soul.

Nevernal energy (for which the word "magic" may be used interchangeably) can be classified into ten basic spheres from which mages on Sryth draw their might. Rumours abound that there are those who wield power outside of the ten basic spheres, but for now we'll leave rumour alone. A mage in possession of such power would certainly want to keep such a thing secret.

The ten basic spheres of Nevernal energy are: