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An adventurer has reported finding an odd statue in Redglen.  view more

     May 31st
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Sryth's bravest adventurers can be found in the Hall of Champions...

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Sryth now spans a staggering 28,000+ playable game sections! It's one of the largest text-based RPGs ever created.

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A Special Limited-Time Bonus

  • Upgrade your account within 3 days of its creation, and you'll be rewarded with the following bonus for a character of your choice...
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  • Adventurers Guild members can have up to 4 characters on their account.
  • All of your characters (current & future) have full access to all the Adventurers Guild features and benefits.
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Exclusive Adventures

  • Discover dozens of adventures and special scenarios available exclusively to Adventurers Guild members, including the epic Proving Grounds series.
  • Here are some of the many adventures that await you...
    • 7 Goblins, Part I: The Hills North and West
    • 7 Goblins, Part II: The Tamer of Wolves
    • 7 Goblins, Part III: Tarungar The Axe
    • 7 Goblins, Part IV: An Unlikely Captive
    • 7 Goblins, Part V: The Fence
    • 7 Goblins, Part VI: The Search for Malmekko
    • 7 Goblins, Part VII: The Altar of Malice
    • A Band of Four
    • A Book of Secrets
    • A Braggart's Tale
    • A Brief Encounter
    • A Chance Encounter
    • A Cold Winter's Night
    • A Dark Chapter Closes
    • A Dark Prelude
    • A Dilemma in Kirnwell
    • A Dragon's Lair
    • A Favour for Solundor
    • A Fireside Encounter
    • A Grim Proposal
    • A Haunting in Durnsig
    • A Helping Hand
    • A Journey into 'The Murk'
    • A Little Matter About an Orb
    • A Lonely Light
    • A Marked Champion
    • A Matter of Secrecy
    • A Meeting in The Twisted Gate
    • A Message to Mirgspil
    • A Midday Encounter
    • A Midnight Visitor
    • A Poaching in Northscarp
    • A Prince Uncrowned
    • A Ragged Band
    • A Rattle Down Below
    • A Rough Night in The Stoneback
    • A Second Encounter
    • A Secret Shared
    • A Simple Enough Task
    • A Trail of Death
    • A Village Deserted
    • A Wanted Man
    • A Wayward Payment
    • A Wrinkle
    • Across a Crowded Room
    • All's Well that Ends...
    • An Arrival
    • An Axe to Grind
    • An Engine of War
    • An Uncharted Cave
    • An Unpleasant Encounter
    • An Unwelcome Encroachment
    • Attack on Ashlyre
    • Back in Business
    • Barbaric
    • Blightroot
    • Bones and Dust
    • Books and Bandits
    • Breaching the Deep
    • Creeping Death
    • Daggerspire
    • Dawn in Hawklor
    • Deadman's Dark
    • Disorder in Millbend
    • Dreaming in the Silver Shaft
    • Dusk in Tryndmoor
    • Eavesdropping
    • First Mission for Millark
    • Flight of The Elementalist
    • Footsteps
    • Fort Ironwind
    • Four Days Outside The Hold
    • From Above
    • Garthrin The Great
    • Harkenryn
    • Heir to The Flame
    • Into the Cellar
    • Island Prowler
    • Jiriwyd's Plunge
    • Late One Afternoon
    • Lift the Box
    • Lord of the Bronze Hall
    • Lyrelock Monastery
    • Massacre at Eastfell Watch
    • Mezaryl's Cellar
    • Night of The Four
    • Nine Days Later
    • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished...
    • Nollyr's Flight
    • North Moss Cave
    • North of the Village
    • Nowhere to Run
    • One Sunny Morning
    • One of Three
    • Redwarren
    • Rendezvous With Death
    • Revenge
    • Rhaknar's 'Mad'
    • Rise of the Frost Demon
    • Sleepless Night
    • So We Meet Again
    • Stormgait
    • Terror from Below
    • Terror in Greenmarsh
    • The Ashen Faces
    • The Bard's Lament
    • The Beast of Ironfang
    • The Blood Code
    • The Blood of Zardruzin
    • The Bog Giant
    • The Caves of Westwold
    • The Chamber of Horrors
    • The Crumbling Tower
    • The Demonscourge, Part I: The Abandoned Mine
    • The Demonscourge, Part II: The Unknown Halls
    • The Demonscourge, Part III: Iakor's Maze
    • The Dream of The Iron Skull
    • The Dungeons of Saarngard
    • The Emblazoned Key, Part I: The Curse of Blacktor
    • The Emblazoned Key, Part II: The Lady of Fallentree
    • The Emblazoned Key, Part III: Scavenger's Last Hunt
    • The Eye That Binds
    • The Faces in The Mirror
    • The First of Three
    • The Gallows
    • The Ghost Ship
    • The Giants of Gallowtop
    • The Giants, Part I: A Solemn Decree
    • The Giants, Part II: Stonesong
    • The Giants, Part III: Wrath of The Giant
    • The Horsemen
    • The Hunted Man
    • The Joust - Part 1
    • The Joust - Part 2
    • The Joust - Part 3
    • The Joust - Part 4
    • The Joust - Part 5
    • The Joust - Part 6
    • The Joust - Part 7
    • The Killing Hand of Winter
    • The Last Trek Out
    • The Lists of Talwarden
    • The Man in The Leather Hat
    • The Merchant of Bones
    • The Missing Hilt
    • The Mission Begins
    • The Mossy Hillside
    • The Old Cathedral
    • The Old Cathedral
    • The Outpost
    • The Plague of Ashlyre
    • The Prisoner of Thal-Breyek
    • The Razing of Kolnia
    • The Return of Ironfist
    • The Ring of Black Stones
    • The Road Out of Redglen
    • The Savage Wild
    • The Second of Three
    • The Secret of Stoneback Hill
    • The Seven Spheres
    • The Shattered Skull Part I: Hurenon
    • The Shattered Skull Part II: Spikefist The Mighty
    • The Shattered Skull Part III: Blade Square
    • The Shattered Skull Part IV: A Thief in The Night
    • The Shattered Skull Part V: The Ghosts of Palemoor Isle
    • The Shimmering Spring
    • The Silver Crest Reborn
    • The Temple at Fallen Oaks
    • The Thane's Tournament of Arms
    • The Third Fang
    • The Third of Three
    • The Trail of The Hawk
    • The Tunnels of Peril
    • The Twin Blades
    • The Wagon
    • The Wayward Wagons
    • The Winds of Mount Stonejaw
    • The Wounded Horseman
    • The Writ of Umdurol
    • The Yeltham Crew
    • To Saarngard
    • Top of the Hill
    • Tribwin's Trouble
    • Trouble in Werrit
    • Ugguro's Trail
    • Underfoot
    • Whisperers
    • Whitebeard
    • Zirigil's Path
    • Proving Grounds: Raid on Quaris-Taen
    • Proving Grounds: The Perilous Streets
    • Proving Grounds: Shadow Over Stonegate
    • Proving Grounds: The Troll Hunter
    • Proving Grounds: The Silver Crest
    • Proving Grounds: The Alder Throne
    • ...and many more!

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Valuable Bonuses & Rewards

The bonuses and rewards listed below are available to you as an Adventurers Guild member...
  • The Dragonclaw Amulet - a grand artifact that increases your Melee Rating and Stamina Points.
  • Goblindoom - an enchanted longsword that adds 10 points to your Melee Rating and has special bonuses against goblins.
  • Adventurer's Ring - a magical ring that increases your Melee Rating and Stamina Points.
  • Experience, Gold & Adventurer Tokens - Each of your characters will receive a generous bonus that includes Experience, Gold, and Adventurer Tokens.
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The Best Items & Equipment

  • The rarest and most powerful items (weapons, armour, and more) are exclusively available to Adventurers Guild members.
  • Items like the legendary Quickstones, The Finger of Dread, The Bowl of Blood, The Wand of Dragonfire, The Wanderer's Bell & more become powerful additions to your adventuring arsenal.
  • You'll also have access to Tallys's Trading Post, where a myriad of magical weapons and armour can be found.
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A Place to Call Home

  • Adventurers Guild members can acquire magnificent residences (castles, keeps, towers) from Faradmyn the estate merchant in Talinus.
  • These customizable grand residences offer rapid travel throughout the realms (by way of your own private coach), and the ability to store hundreds of items in safekeeping.
  • There are also special adventures and encounters that take place in these residences.
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Enjoy Full Access to Sryth!

Get Full Access to Sryth when you upgrade your account, including Exclusive Adventures, Premium Content, Special Events, and valuable Bonuses and Rewards.

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