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     May 28th
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Sryth's bravest adventurers can be found in the Hall of Champions...

If you're blind or visually-impaired, let us know how we can make the game more accessible to you.

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What some of our adventurers have to say...
"This reminds me alot of when I used to play D & D. You've really created a masterpiece here. Thanks for the great game! "
  - DiamondEye
"A great online RPG that actually has a story behind it...well done! "
  - ShadowQueen
"...brilliantly written, wonderfully addictive and a completely different sort of RPG than the others you will find. Subscribe to Sryth and you have my guarantee that you will not regret it. "
  - badtouch
"Super game with an old school feel about it. Brings back a lot of good memories. "
  - Vixtor
" amazing game, packed with epic plots and awesome battles. The storylines will always keep you coming back for more... "
  - ShadowDragon
"Great game combining action, adventure, and'll be hardpressed to find a game as entertaining or easily accessible! "
  - Nodrey
"The only online RPG that has kept me coming back again and again...and I've tried more than I can remember. "
  - jeremygs
"...the best browser RPG I have played to date. It offers many different, exciting and challenging adventures. "
  - shadowblack
" far the best and most unique RPG game I've ever played. the storyline rocks, the combat style is awesome and the gamemaster is accomodating and prompt! "
  - Kato17
"It was obvious to me from the very beginning just how much effort has been spent bringing this magical world to life. "
  - Karasai
"'s as close to a pen and paper RPG experience as a computer game can get! "
  - Mruqe
"One of the best online games I've ever played, and best of all you can play for free! No downloads! Instant gamer love. "
  - valroze
"...light years better than any of the other games I played...I bought a membership and am so glad I did. It has provided hours and hours of fun and exciting gameplay and has proven to be well worth the price. "
  - Feesh
" online text RPG worth playing...the story is deep and will have you captivated... "
  - sinistur9
"...this is definitely a game to be enjoyed if you like a well-balanced and intriguing RPG as much as I do. You sha'n't be disappointed. "
  - Sharvyn
"Deeply immersing, gratifying, addicting...leaves you wanting for more. Sryth is the perfect game for players looking for rich game content and plots. "
  - Theodril
"'s got to be the most enjoyable and accessible role playing game for blind people that is out there today... "
  - karate
"If you are an RPG fan, Sryth offers the works. "
  - ellis
"Great game and highly addictive story line. A must play for hardcore RPG gamers. "
  - pdemon69
"With quick events or long-term story plots, Sryth truly has become my number one game of choice. The membership has been repaid to me in many hours of fun. "
  - Dushiro
"This is a great game for blind users who love to play RPG games. Keep up the good work and thanks for making an accessible game for the blind. "
  - andrax
"I enjoy playing Sryth very much because of its simplicity, great storytelling, and you don't have to compete against other players unless you want to. "
  - Maghnosius
"This is one of those online games that makes for an excellent way to spend a lunch break without sacrificing depth. "
  - Hamelin
"Having been an AD&D™ player and DM for quite some time I have become totally enamored with the game. Sryth is refreshing and superbly addictive! Simply put, Bravo! "
  - scionist
"I cannot begin to tell you what a joy it is to come home after a hard day of work, or college classes, and immerse myself in the fascinating world of Sryth! "
  - csm120
"Just what I've been searching for. Thank you! "
  - Elf78
"Thanks for a great game. Adventurers Guild upgrade definitely worth it. Keep up the good work! "
  - NarniaGuy
"Fantastic game. Can't wait for the next adventures. Gives me something fun to do at work. "
  - M87732
"Love the Proving Grounds series. When is the next one coming? Thanks for many hours of fun! "
  - LordArctic
"Really enjoyed the 'Giants' adventures, especially the third one. Not easy near the end but lots of fun :) Looking forward to the next adventure. "
  - baneblog
"An amazing accomplishment! Great story and exciting quests. I've already recommended your game to a bunch of my friends. "
  - DestinyThief
"Thanks for creating such a compelling and addicting RPG! "
  - vamphunter
"I've never found an online RPG as detailed or engrossing as this. Nicely done! "
  - kipsword
"Amazing game! My search for a playable and enjoyable RPG on the web is done. "
  - stormrider
"Found your game by an online ad and I'm glad I did. Great story and really fun game. "
  - drun2003

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