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     November 25th
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News & Announcements
11/18/14  -  Kailiri Returns

Adventurers who have already correctly answered Kailiri's odd string of questions (you can find her by investigating the boulder-strewn hillock in Westwold, near Hawklor) can now encounter her a second time at the same spot to continue this special, limited-time scenario.

11/9/14  -  Triple Battle Marker Rewards

Between now and November 23rd, all Battle Marker rewards earned by battling in the multiplayer cooperative combat scenarios will be instantly TRIPLED.

It should be noted that the current raffle taking place at the Well of Blades in Trithik is accepting only Battle Markers as payment for entries. Up for grabs in the raffle is the amazing Aura of Mastery.

The multiplayer combat scenarios (The Ruins of Tarramyre, The Red Wolf of Sageholt, The Tar Beast, The Pumpkin Monster, and the dragon Ildraria) are great ways to earn both Experience and Battle Markers.

11/9/14  -  Quickstones

Please Note: On Wednesay (11/12), the cost to acquire a Quickstone will substantially increase. Adventurers who haven't yet purchased one of these grand artifacts should do so immediately!

No adventurer should be without a Quickstone!

If you haven't yet acquired your Quickstone, you should immediately pay a visit to Rixbin in Trithik.

To find Rixbin's shop, head to Blade Square and then choose to explore the buildings that flank the quadrangle.

Quickstones provide a myriad of useful benefits. Don't set out for adventure without one!

11/9/14  -  The Maze of Menace

Zumryn's Maze of Menace is now available at the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle. Adventurers seeking to qualify for selection for the upcoming Festival of Blades Tournament of Arms must first conquer this perilous labyrinth.

You can reach the Battlegrounds from the town of Westmere, located on the shores of Barrow Loch in Southeast Tysa. Once in Westmere, pay a visit to the Misty Loch tavern.

11/5/14  -  Maze of Menace - Update

Zumryn's Maze of Menace is expected to be avaiable on Saturday (11/8).

This deadly labyrinth, filled with traps, puzzles, and a sinister assortment of fearsome terrors, is designed to thoroughly test the mettle of any adventurer seeking to qualify for selection for the upcoming Festival of Blades Tournament of Arms.

Zumryn advises all those seeking to attempt the maze to make sure they're both highly skilled and well equipped. A magical weapon (or the ability to hit creatures who can only be hit by a magical weapon) is required.

Please note that magic (your magic, that is) does not function inside the maze and cannot be used against the enemies you will encounter within.

11/5/14  -  Pumpkin Contest Prizes

Prizes for the pumpkin growing contest are now available at the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle.

Congratulations to all the determined growers whose pumpkins made it into the top ten. Well done!

And, as always, a special Thank You to all the adventurers who took part in the contest.

11/1/14  -  Pumpkin Contest Update

The pumpkin growing contest ended prematurely (Zumryn blames a number of his nameless assistants for the error) and has thus been extended until 6 PM on Sunday, November 2nd.

The maximum number of waterings is still 171, but the additional time should allow contestants to complete all their available waterings before the contest comes to a close.

Thanks to all the brave adventurers who have participated in the contest, and sorry about the mishap!

11/1/14  -  The Maze of Menace

Zumryn (and his somewhat shady assistant, Kelmurk) are just now putting the finishing touches on the Maze of Menace -- the peril-filled labyrinth that will thoroughly test the mettle of any adventurer seeking to qualify for selection for the upcoming Tournament of Blades.

The Master of the Battlegrounds is warning adventurers that they will need to be well-equipped, highly-skilled, wary, and inventive if they hope to survive the maze and earn an qualify for a chance to be selected for the tournament.

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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