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     January 18th
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News & Announcements
1/11/19  -  Windowless Building

The strange and magnficent "windowless building with a blue door" has suddenly appeared at the edge of the encampment at the Battlegrounds.

Zumryn has promised a full investigation into the matter, though he currently admits there doesn't appear to be a readily-identifiable remedy.

The hooded figure incessantly toiling away inside the windowless building could not be reached for comment.

1/11/19  -  Festival of Blades Underway

The Festival of Blades: Legends is now underway at the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle.

Adventurers seeking to prove their mettle against some of the greatest warriors of legend should gear up and head to the Battlegrounds with all possible haste.

The Grand Prize is the Blackhorn Baldric, a magical belt that knows few peers.

The Festival of Blades runs through Thursday, January 17th.

1/8/19  -  Festival of Blades Begins 1/10

The Festival of Blades: Legends, an Oakenstone Mask event being held at the Battlegrounds, will begin this Thursday (1/10) at 6 PM (Eastern US Time) and run through next Thursday (1/17).

The Grand Prize for this tournament of arms will be the Blackhorn Baldric, a magical belt certain to stir the envy of adventurers in every corner of the wide realms.

Adventurers seeking to make their mark in this challenging event are advised to gear up and prepare for a thrilling and brutal contest.

1/8/19  -  Let the Arrows Fly

Zumryn has just announced that his latest Contest of Bows, an archery tournament like no other, will begin this Friday (1/11) at 6 PM (Eastern US Time) and run through next Friday (1/18).

The Grand Prize winner will receive a magnificent enchanted bow.

1/5/19  -  Festival of Blades: Legends

Zumryn is pleased to announce that the Festival of Blades: Legends, an Oakenstone Mask event to be hosted at his Battlegrounds, is nearing its launch.

This tournament will pit its competitors against seven of Sryth's the most legendary warriors in short, combat-only scenarios.

The seven legends currently expected to make up the tournament field include:

Adventurers seeking to prove their mettle against this formidable roster of legendary warriors are advised to gear up and steel themselves for what will undoubtedly be a challenge for the ages.

1/5/19  -  Festive Fray Prizes

Adventurers who earned prizes in the recent Oakenstone Mask (Festive Fray) event must collect their rewards by the end of the day tomorrow (Sunday, January 6th) as Zumryn will be making last minute preparations for the next Oakenstone Mask event -- the Festival of Blades: Legends.

1/5/19  -  The Lists of Aravul

Zumryn is in the final stages of preparation and testing for the upcoming Lists of Aravul jousting tournament to be held at his Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle.

Having never before hosted a joust (not even anything remotely resembling a joust), Zumryn has found himself in the thick of it to be sure!

However, with the help of his ever-dour assistant, Kelmurk, the Master of the Battlegrounds is happy to report that preparations are at last nearing completion!

More details soon.

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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