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     August 19th
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News & Announcements
8/10/17  -  Toegrog's Curse Update

Toegrog's "Curse", which allows for more than the standard limit of 4 Rings to be equipped, is about to receive an upgrade.

At some point in the evening on August 10th, adventurers in possession of Toegrog's Curse will find that they are able to equip a total of seven rings!

8/9/17  -  Sryth Game Engine Update

An update to the Sryth game "engine", the core of the code upon which Sryth operates, is now live.

Part of this update removes the explore limit for "explorable" places, making it so adventurers are free to explore these location as often as they wish without restriction.

8/7/17  -  Toegrog's Rings

"Toegrog's Rings", a spectacular new package that includes three powerful and customizable magic rings, is now available for a special price through August 12th.

Adventurers interested in being to able to equip more than the standard 4 rings should also be sure to check out "Toegrog's Curse", a special package which allows you to do just that. "Toegrog's Curse" is also available for a special price through August 12th.

Despite his untimely demise, the legend of Toegrog lives on!

8/7/17  -  Scavenger's Last Hunt

Testing and preparation of the next scenarios for "Scavenger's Last Hunt" continues and adventurers will soon be able to continue with the adventure and ultimately unlock the lowest levels of Rhaknar's 'Mad'.

As mentioned previously, adventurers already embarked on the adventure will have the option of restarting "Scavenger's Last Hunt" from the beginning so that they can refresh themselves on the details of the adventure.

8/7/17  -  Doors of Deception Prizes

A special thank you to all the adventurers who took part in the first Doors of Deception event at the Battlegrounds.

The challenge has concluded. Final results and prizes will be made available this evening.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback and suggestions about the event. Many of those suggestions will be incorporated into the next Doors of Deception event.

7/30/17  -  Doors of Deception Underway

The first ever Doors of Deception event at the Battlegrounds is now underway!

Adventurers are discovering, braving, and (in some cases) surviving the deadly perils that fill Zumryn's hazardous challenge.

There are some more additions to the challenge on the way. These additions will be put into play later this evening.

Stay wary and don't pick the wrong door!

The Doors of Deception event runs through Sunday, August 6th.

7/26/17  -  Doors of Deception - Update

It is expected (awaiting confirmation from Zumryn himself) that the Doors of Deception special event will go live sometime this Friday evening (7/28) at the Battlegrounds.

Adventurers bold enough to take part in this event will face not only the doors themselves (there are too many of them to count) but also other sinister and deadly oddities within the challenge...things like...

  • Indescribable Abominations
  • The lurking threat of instant and untimely death
  • A Game of Stairs
  • A Game of Riddles
  • A Game of Portals
  • A Game of Squares
  • A Game of Tunnels
  • A Game of Glyphs
...and many more.

The object will be to reach the highest numbered chamber you can reach before you fall victim to the dire peril and untold treachery of the challenge.

Adventurers will be able to attempt the Doors of Deception challenge multiple times as they strive to better the results of their previous attempts and those of their fellow competitors.

The Doors of Deception event is almost at hand!

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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