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     April 6th
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News & Announcements
Backer Bundle Update #2

There was a typo in yesterday's Backer Bundle Update announcement.

The two minor additions to the Backer Bundles is for ALL Backer Bundles (Copper through Diamond).

The original update mistakenly stated "Silver" instead of "Copper".

So, all Backer Bundles -- Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond -- will receive the two bonus additions.

Apologies for the typo!

-- Matt (

Backer Bundle Update

I hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe!

Work continues on finalizing and testing the Backer Bundles for the recent Sryth 2020 Kickstarter and I expect that they will be made available on schedule sometime in the next couple of weeks.

There will be two minor additions made to each Backer Bundle (Silver through Diamond), though they will remain a mystery until the Bundles are claimed.

I'd also like to announce that several of the stretch goals mentioned during the Kickstarter campaign will be seeing the light of day as the Fabled North unfolds.

Please stay safe and take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Keep those Stamina Points above zero!

-- Matt (

Archery Tournament Prizes

Prizes and final results for the Contest of Bows will be available at 6 PM (Eastern US Time) tonight.

The tournament was a fiercely contested battle of master arrow slingers, to say the very least!

Congratulations to the contest winner and the top finishers, and thank you to everyone who took part.

The Plotting Frog

Adventurers will be able to discover a special and rewarding encounter at the Plotting Frog palo den in Trithik, beginning later tonight.

When available, the Plotting Frog will be accessible from the main Trithik game section.

Contest of Bows

Zumryn has just announced that his latest Contest of Bows, an archery tournament with no equal anywhere across the wide realms, will begin this Friday (3/20) at 6 PM (Eastern US Time) at his famous Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle.

Adventurers skilled in archery are invited to take part and attempt to win the contest's Grand Prize -- the Jewel of Tharunbor -- an enchanted shard of red garnet whose powers will (for now) remain shrouded in mystery.

The Contest of Bows will run through Friday, March 27th.

Special Encounter & Bonus

Thank you again, one and all, for making the Sryth 2020 Kickstarter a success.

Beginning this Saturday evening (3/21), a special (and rewarding) encounter will be available at the Plotting Frog palo den in Trithik.

This scenario and its reward is available to all adventurers in celebration of the upcoming releases of both Arkyndar and Zarathmor.

Thank you again, everyone, for playing and supporting Sryth.

Onward to adventure!

Keep Well

To all of Sryth's brave adventurers, please keep well and look after yourselves and your loved ones during this episode.

I wish you and yours health and safety now and always.

-- Matt (

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