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News & Announcements
2/27/15  -  New Quickstone Power

A new power will be added to the amazing magical repertoire of the Quickstone.

Adventurers in possession of a Quickstone (perhaps the most unique and powerful item an adventurer can possess) will soon be able to use it to transform Specific Experience into General Experience.

Using this newly-discovered Quickstone power, adventurers will be able to transform 2 points of Specific Experience into 1 point of General Experience.

The completion of a short adventure/encounter will be required to unlock this new Quickstone ability.

More details soon!

Speaking of Quickstones, no adventurer should ever be without one!

If you haven't yet acquired your Quickstone, you should immediately pay a visit to Rixbin in Trithik.

To find Rixbin's shop, head to Blade Square and then choose to explore the buildings that flank the quadrangle.

2/23/15  -  Valentine's Event Update

Adventurers in possession of a Heart-Shaped Garnet will be able to return to 'Amazing Wares' in Blade Square (Trithik) later this evening to complete the special limited time Valentine's Day Event.

Until the conclusion to the event goes live, 'Amazing Wares' will not be a visitable location.

2/21/15  -  Merchants Update

Merchants throughout the Kingdom of Tysa are now paying more for the items you wish to sell them.

From Brigsol's Hides to Yurut's Mercantile, including all the merchants in between, you'll find that you can now sell your items for a higher percentage of their full value. Many merchants have also raised the maximum price they will pay for an item.

2/19/15  -  Securing Items

Adventurers interested in securing their most prized possessions should note that it's possible to mark items as "non-droppable". Items marked in such a way can never be accidentally dropped or sold. It's a great way to ensure that you never inadvertently lose something important!

To mark an item as "non-droppable", click the item in your inventory to view its details. At the top of the item details box, you'll find an option for "Make this item non-droppable". Clicking this link will make it so you cannot drop or sell the item in question.

Items that you've marked as "non-droppable" can again be made "droppable" by selecting the "Make this item droppable" option when viewing an item's details.

Items marked "non-droppable" cannot be dropped and will not appear in the list of items you can choose to sell when you're in a shop.

2/16/15  -  Valentine's Event

Adventurers are advised to visit a shop called 'Amazing Wares' in Blade Square (Trithik) through February 21st to acquire a special item that will unlock a Valentine's-themed reward on February 23rd.

When in Blade Square, choose to "Explore the buildings that flank the square" to locate 'Amazing Wares'.

2/15/15  -  Scavenger's Last Hunt

We\'ve been hard at work and are getting ready to test and release a large portion of "Scavenger's Last Hunt", the first adventure in the second Proving Grounds series.

Completing "Scavenger's Last Hunt" will lead adventurers into the deepest most perilous reaches of the labyrinth known as "Rhaknar's Mad" and reveal both the true purpose behind the maze as well as the intentions of its shadowy creator.

2/15/15  -  Fixes Abound

We recently purged our "Typos" and "Reports" bins, fixing several hundred typos as well as a handful of small bugs, glitches, and annoyances.

The reports that led to these fixes came, as they always do, directly from our players. Please know that we very much appreciate your reports and feedback. Thank you!

Anytime you encounter an issue, a typo, or have a suggestion to make, please don't hesitate to let us know! Use the "Report" option in the upper right corner of your game screen to send us a message.

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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