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     May 24th
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News & Announcements
5/22/15  -  Hulmarn Tanglemane

Hulmarn Tanglemane will soon have a bevy of new magical auras available for adventurers. You'll find Hulmarn's shop in Talinus.

5/21/15  -  The Silver Crest

Adventures seeking adventure (which is what any self-respecting adventurer does) should pay a visit to Trithik's eastern quarter and investigate a "dilapidated building with a silver door".

This crumbling structure, formerly a tavern (or so we've been told), now serves as the headquarters of The Silver Crest, a legendary band of monster slayers who remain (for the most part) available for hire.

If you've got what it takes to join the Silver Crest, they might just be willing to take on a new member to swell their aging ranks. Beware, though, for any prospective member of such an illustrious outfit is likely to have to first prove himself or herself.

Please note that anyone may investigate the Silver Crest and its headquarters in Trithik, but you must be an Adventurers Guild member to join the legendary group.

If you're not yet an Adventurers Guild member, upgrade your account today and instantly get full access to all that a Sryth premium membership has to offer!

5/20/15  -  The Goblinstone Belt

Adventurers who take part in any of the cooperative battle scenarios between May 20th and May 31st will, for each battle in which they participate, earn an entry for a special drawing to be held on June 1st.

This special drawing will award one lucky adventurer (the Grand Prize Winner) with The Goblinstone Belt, an amazing piece of armour from Tallys's famed (though rarely ever seen) Reserved Collection.

In addition, the Grand Prize Winner will also win 250 Adventurer Tokens. Two other winners (the second and third entries drawn) will each win 100 Adventurer Tokens.

The Goblinstone Belt, a thick hide belt bedecked with four enchanted emeralds, provides the following bonuses to any adventurer fortunate enough to strap it around his or her waist:

  • +14 Melee Rating
  • +18 Stamina Points
  • +6 Nevernal Reserve
  • +2 Might
  • +2 Agility

To earn entries for this drawing, simply take part in any of the cooperative battle scenarios between May 20th and May 31st. You'll earn 1 entry for every battle in which you manage to score at least 2,500 points of damage against the enemy.

The cooperative battle scenarios are:

  • The Ruins of Tarramyre
  • Ulgror the Tar Beast
  • Ildraria's Lair
  • The Pumpkin Beast
  • The Red Wolf of Sageholt

Good luck and be safe!

5/8/15  -  Adventure Finder Update

The ever-helpful Adventure Finder, which lists adventures, events, and scenarios that are currently available to your character, has been updated and now includes details about any "clearable dungeons" you've discovered.

Look for the "Clearable Dungeons" section at the top of your Adventurer Finder.

If the "Clearable Dungeons" section doesn't appear at the top of your Adventure Finder, it means that you haven't yet found any clearable dungeons. To rectify this situation immediately, pay a visit to Elakyrn the Mapmaker in Talinus.

5/8/15  -  Elakyrn the Mapmaker

Adventurers passing through Talinus are invited to pay a visit to Elakyrn the Mapmaker.

A cartographer of extraordinary skill, Elakyrn is also known to sell the locations of certain 'explorable' places she finds during her mapmaking to interested adventurers.

Most of the locations Elakyrn finds (and subsequently sells directions to) are of the "clearable dungeon" variety.

Rumours recently circulating which seem to suggest that Elakyrn is in the employ of a powerful (and perhaps less-than-benevolent) personage are, at this time, unfounded...we think.

4/26/15  -  Well of Blades Raffle

Tallys, proprietor of Sryth's most famous (or perahps infamous) Trading Post is adding a secret, unique item from his reserved stock to the raffle's grand prize.

Adventurers interested in taking part in the drawing are invited to visit the Well of Blades (Blade Square, Trithik) to learn more.

And, while at the Well of Blades, it never hurts to toss a blade into the well!

4/26/15  -  Special Packages - Last Chance

Adventurers Guild Members interested in acquiring any of our Special Packages have only through Friday, May 1st to do so. After May 1st the Special Packages are being retired.

To view the Special Packages, click on any of the links available in the game or visit the "windowless building with a blue door" in Hawklor, Talinus, or Trithik.

As always, thank you for playing and thank you for supporting Sryth!

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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