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     August 21st
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News & Announcements
8/2/14  -  Multiplayer Combat - AT Challenge

Adventurers who participate in any of the multiplayer combat scenarios during August (8/1 through 8/31) will have a chance to win one of four Adventurer Token prize packages!

Each time you collect your Experience award for a multiplayer combat (at the "windowless building with a blue door") you'll earn an entry into a special drawing to be held on September 1st.

The following prizes will be awarded to individual adventurers at that drawing:

  • 500 Adventurer Tokens (first name drawn)
  • 250 Adventurer Tokens (second name drawn)
  • 100 Adventurer Tokens (third name drawn)
  • 50 Adventurer Tokens (fourth name drawn)

An adventurer may only win one prize in the drawing.

The multiplayer combat scenarios (The Ruins of Tarramyre, The Red Wolf of Sageholt, The Tar Beast, The Pumpkin Monster, and the dragon Ildraria) are great ways to earn Experience.

And, for the month of August, these scenarios are also great ways to earn a chance at winning a bounty of Adventurer Tokens!

Good luck to all!

8/2/14  -  Travel Screen Update

A small change has been made to the travel screen.

When available as destinations, the different regions of Tysa (North, Northeast, Southwest, etc.) are now listed at the top of the travel section. Unlike other locations, the regions are displayed in a comma-separated list in an effort to make them take up less space.

This will hopefully make journeying about the Kingdom of Tysa a less labour-intensive task.

As always, your thoughts, comments, suggestions, and questions are welcome. Please send them to

8/1/14  -  Contest of Bows Prizes

The seventh Contest of Bows has concluded. Prizes and participation rewards are now available at the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle.

Congratulations to BillyDaKid who claimed first prize in the contest with a remarkable score of 5,159 points! Well done!

And congratulations to all the archers who fought hard to earn a place among the top ten finishers.

Zumryn would like to thank all the brave adventurers who took part in the tournament. Several stray arrows did manage to find their way into his keep's private courtyard, but he's since concluded that destination of these wayward missiles was accidental.

7/23/14  -  Archery Tournament @ The Battlegrounds

Zumryn has just launched the seventh Contest of Bows, which will run from 7/23 through 7/31, at his Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle.

Adventurers skilled in archery are invited to visit the Battlegrounds and register for what promises to be a thrilling tournament.

The grand prize for the contest (to be awarded to the top archer at the conclusion of the tournament) will include a special bow (the winner gets to choose from several magnificent bows) and a mystery prize.

Zumryn has added a fourth target to this contest. Archers competing in the tournament will now need to fire four arrows at each of the four targets for a total of sixteen shots.

Contestants may shoot at the four targets every two hours.

Grab your bow and get to the Battlegrounds!

To reach the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle, travel to the town of Westmere, located on the shores of Barrow Loch in Southeast Tysa. Once in Westmere, pay a visit to the Misty Loch tavern.

7/14/14  -  A Raffle at the Well of Blades

Adventurers interested in trying to win a truly amazing item -- Hurenon's Crystal Pendant -- should immediately pay a visit to the Well of Blades in Blade Square (Trithik).

Entries for this special raffle can be purchased using Gold, Battle Markers, or Adventurer Tokens.

The pendant is a remarkable item that provides the following bonuses:

  • +7 to Melee Rating
  • +15 to Stamina Points
  • +12 to Nevernal Reserve
  • +3 to Mind
  • +3 to Aura
  • +3 to Spirit

This raffle runs through Sunday, July 27th.

7/14/14  -  Proving Grounds Continues

We're nearing completion of the next scenario in "Scavenger's Last Hunt" and expect to make it available very soon.

As stated in a previous announcement, this next scenario may prove to be among the most difficult and important so far...but perhaps not in the way you might expect!

7/14/14  -  The Glyphs of Inaromad

Adventurers Guild members are invited to check out the Glyphs of Inaromad -- three special packages now available that each provide a bounty of Adventurer Tokens and some great permanent stat bonuses.

To check out each of these three packages in detail, click on any of the links while in the game or visit the "windowless building with a blue door" in Hawklor, Talinus, or Trihtik.

7/14/14  -  The Silver Crest

Adventurers who have attained the somewhat exalted role of "leader" of the Silver Crest may be interested to know that a new adventure titled "Elluwen's Boot" is now available at Crest Headquarters in Trithik.

To be able to access this adventure, please be sure you're all caught up on any unfinished adventures related to the legendary outfit of monster hunters.

And, depending upon the outcome of the adventure, you may find yourself encountering the title character again in the near future.

If you haven't yet discovered the Silver Crest, you may do so by traveling to Trithik and exploring the eastern part of the city. There, be sure to investigate a dilapidated building with a silver door.

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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