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     January 19th
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News & Announcements
Snowman's Satchel - Last Chance

Our 2019 Christmas Package, The Snowman's Satchel will disappear on February 1st!

This amazing package, stuffed with powerful and unique items, benefits, and bonuses, is not to be missed.

Among its many astounding treasures is the Snowman's Token of Cheer which provides an 8th attribute - the Cheer attribute!

To view the full details for The Snowman's Satchel, click any of the related in-game links or visit the "windowless building with a blue door" in Hawklor, Talinus, or Trithik.

As always, thank you for playing and for supporting Sryth.

Haphazard Hexahedron

The Haphazard Hexahedron (also known as the Hexahedron of Perpetuity) will only be able to be acquired at its full power through January 23, 2020.

If you acquire it after January 23rd, the bonuses it provides will be significantly reduced.

To acquire the Hexahedron (a very important artifact), seek out the "Dreams and Whispers" adventure in Trithik.

You'll need to have first completed both the "Caves of Westwold" and "The Savage Wild" adventures before you can access "Dreams and Whispers".

Contest of Bows - 1/18

Zumryn's latest archery tournament, his famous Contest of Bows, will begin at 6 PM (Eastern US Time) on Saturday, January 18th.

Adventurers skilled in archery are invited to take part in the tournament, the grand prize for which is an enchanted bow recently discovered at the site of an ancient shipwreck just off the eastern coast of Iron Crown Isle.

Magaragak Begins Friday

The Magaragak, a grueling foot race through the perilous wilds of Iron Crown Isle, is set to begin at 6 PM (Eastern US Time) this Friday, January 17th.

The race will run through Friday, January 24th.

The contest, a special Oakenstone Mask event, is certain to test the mettle of even the most seasoned adventurers.

A word of advice -- never let down your guard on the Magaragak course, for all manner of grave dangers (natural and otherwise) await you at every turn.

Sryth 2020 Kickstarter

On or about Monday, January 27th, we'll be launching the Sryth 2020 Kickstarter Campaign with the goal of securing the necessary funding to continue to create, develop, and support Sryth through 2020 and into 2021!

Our goal for our 2020 Kickstarter is to vastly expand the world of Sryth by adding new areas to visit and explore while tying up loose story threads and bringing some longstanding adventure arcs to their conclusions.

Among the goals for our 2020 Kickstarter is the completion and launch of Arkyndar, the "Fabled North" -- a vast, wild region in the far, frozen, nothern reaches of Sryth.

Arkyndar, which features prominently in the history of Sryth -- and where several of the game's major story arcs connect -- is a realm of ancient mystery, lost civilizations, and dire peril.

In fact, the "Claws of Arkyndar" have already begun appearing in various places throughout the Kingdom of Tysa.

The planned goals for Sryth in 2020 will be enumerated on the Kickstarter page when the campaign goes live.

Backers of our Kickstarter will receive exclusive rewards (Backer Bundles) for helping us to achieve our required funding goal by the end of the campaign.

Sryth is made possible through the dedication and support of its players, for which we're truly grateful.

We hope you will consider backing our 2020 Kickstarter and we thank you, as always, for playing and supporting Sryth!

-- Matt (Your Humble GM)


The final lead-up adventure for Zarathmor, an absurd Nevernal realm of nightmarish mayhem, is on its way!

"To Wake in Darkness", soon to be available in Trithik, is the final preliminary adventure before the launch of Zarathmor as a visitable location.

Adventurers will need to have completed the Zarathmor lead-up adventures (available at the Battlegrounds Encampment) as well as made significant overall progress in their other adventures to be able to access "To Wake in Darkness".

The Magaragak - Update

Runners have begun to gather at the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle for the expected start of the Magaragak -- a legendary footrace across the wilds of Iron Crown Isle.

The Magaragak is expected to begin later this week, giving adventurers a chance to prove their mettle as they tackle its grueling, perilous course.

The race will take adventurers from the starting line at the edge of Birdsong Wood through such places as Blackmire Bog, Silver Ghost Peak, Broken Gorge, and many others, before entering the final stretch at Victory Trail.

Dangers, both natural and otherwise, will seek to thwart the efforts of those brave enough to embark upon this grand challenge.

Be prepared!

16 Standing Stones

If you're searching far and wide across the Kingdom of Tysa for the sixteen standing stones and would like a hint regarding the location of a stone you've yet to investigate, visit the "windowless building with a blue door".

The Claw-Shaped Standing Stones section will name the location that contains the next stone you should visit.

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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