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     March 27th
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News & Announcements
3/23/15  -  Donation Rewards - Updated

A new special combat feature has been added to the array of rewards that make up our Cumulative Donation Rewards.

Savage Strike is a new reward which, once unlocked, allows an adventurer the chance to score extra damage against his or her foes whenever a 20 is rolled during combat.

There are a total of 5 levels of Savage Strike that can be unlocked via the Cumulative Donation Rewards. With each increase in level, both the chance of landing a Savage Strike and the potential amount of bonus damage increases.

For full details on Savage Srike or any of the other amazing cumulative rewards, please visit the "windowless building" and select the "Cumulative Donation Rewards" section. Then, choose to view the list of rewards.

As always, thank you for playing and for supporting Sryth!

3/23/15  -  The Aura of Mastery

A special raffle is currently underway (through April 12th) at the Well of Blades (Blade Square, Trithik).

One lucky entrant will win the legendary Aura of Mastery!

The Aura of Mastery is a powerful, invisible force that surrounds and protects its possessor.

The Aura permanently increases your Stamina Points and Melee Rating based on the level of mastery of each of your skills.

The Aura provides a +1 bonus to Stamina Points for every skill that is at or above level 70. If at least seven skills are at or above level 70, the Aura also bestows a +3 bonus to Melee Rating.

Visit the Well of Blades to learn more and to take part in the raffle!

3/22/15  -  Master Mage Trullwick

The master mage known as Trullwick (or Master Mage Trullwick if we're being formal) is currently making an appearance at the Silver Shaft Inn near Trithik.

Trullwick's odd specialty is transforming Experience into Adventurer Tokens.

Adventurers interested in taking advantage of Trullwick's strange talents should immediately make their way to the Silver Shaft Inn. Trullwick is only going to be at the inn through tomorrow (3/23), so don't delay!

3/19/15  -  Network Issue Resolved

Today, 3/19, between midnight and approximately 8:00 AM (Eastern US), a network issue at our service provider caused the Sryth server to become unreachable. This made it impossible to access and to login and play.

The issue that caused this period of downtime has been fixed and and the game are now both again reachable.

We apologize for this unexpected downtime and thank all of our players for their patience.

As always, thank you for playing and for supporting Sryth.

3/11/15  -  Master Wish Box Drawing - Update

The drawing for the Master Wish Box took place this morning, Wednesday, March 11th.

Congratulations to Jamie from the roster of glowworm whose entry was drawn and who may now take possession of the Master Wish Box and all that it contains.

To view the contents of the Master Wish Box (or to collect them, if you're the winner) please visit the "windowless building with a blue door" in Hawklor, Talinus, or Trithik.

Congratulations again to Jamie and thank you to all the brave adventurers who took part in last month's special event!

3/10/15  -  Master Wish Box Drawing

The drawing for the Master Wish Box has been delayed until Wednesday, March 11th. Testing of the Master Wish Box and its amazing contents is taking a bit longer than expected.

Each Wish Box Fragment collected during the February event will serve as an entry into the drawing.

On March 11th a lucky adventurer will have his or her entry drawn and will receive the Master Wish Box! The details of the drawing will be posted in the News & Announcements section of

Good luck to all!

3/10/15  -  Wish Box Rewards

If you're in possession of any Wish Box Fragments and haven't yet used them to either reassemble one or more Wish Boxes and/or to receive an Experience bonus, be sure to visit the "windowless building with a blue door" to do just that.

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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