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     February 18th
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News & Announcements
2/15/19  -  Lord of Dagger Peak

'Lord of Dagger Peak', an Oakenstone Mask event, will go live today (2/15) at 9 PM (Eastern US Time) and will run through Friday, 2/22.

This special event includes a single, challenging scenario certain to test even the most hardened adventurers.

The Grand Prize for event will include a unique and powerful piece of armour, the identity of which which Zumryn steadfastly refuses to divulge.

2/14/19  -  Oakenstone Mask Prizes

Prizes for the most recent Oakenstone Mask event (Lair of the Bog Lich) must be collected no later than 11 PM (Eastern US Time) today (Thursday, 2/14).

Zumryn is making ready to launch an all-new Oakenstone Mask event - 'Lord of Dagger Peak', which is expected to begin in the next couple of days.

2/14/19  -  Happy Valentine's Day

All the very best on Valentine's Day and always to Sryth's brave and dedicated adventurers!

2/13/19  -  The Grail of Griffons

Any adventurer who acquires 3 or more of Trillwark's Trinkets through March 1st, 2019 will receive the fabled Grail of Griffons, a powerful Trinket that provides the following bonuses:

  • +3 to Melee Rating
  • +3 to Stamina Points
  • +1 to Nevernal Reserve

To learn more, visit the "windowless building with a blue door".

2/13/19  -  Trillwark's Trinkets

Trillwark's Trinkets, curious objects of great power from the vast collection of the the eccentric master mage, Trillwark, are now available!

These magnificent Trinkets, available as Special Packages, provide bonuses and rewards once acquired.

All acquired Trinkets will be stored in Trillwark's Trinket Trunk, a magical container you'll receive when you acquire your first Trinket.

Some Trinkets will be part of a set. Collecting all the Trinkets in a particular set will provide a special Bonus Trinket.

Follow any of the related in-game links or visit the "windowless building with a blue door" to view the Trinkets currently available.

As always, thank you for playing and for supporting Sryth!

2/13/19  -  A Hum in Hawklor

Adventurers have again been reporting a hum in the village of Hawklor.

Having heard this rumour once before, I (your humble GM) teleported to Hawklor to check things out for myself and can now report that there is indeed a strange hum in the village.

My sixth sense tells me that it's likely related to the upcoming Lists of Aravul special event, thought I was once mistaken many years ago and so shall refrain from making such a bold statement.

Adventurers in the vicinity of Hawklor should certainly investigate.

2/9/19  -  Monuments & Taverns

Work is underway on several new monuments, taverns, and palo dens for adventurers who acquired the Titans of Tysa special package.

If you acquired the Titans of Tysa package and haven't yet provided details for your monument(s) or your establishment, please send them to

2/8/19  -  Well of Blades Raffle

A raffle is now underway at the Well of Blades in Blade Square, Trithik, for the Spirit of Zyralor.

Zyralor's ghostly presence will provide an astounding bonus of +24 Melee Rating and +26 Stamina Points to the lucky adventurer who wins the raffle's Grand Prize.

For full details, and to have a look at the Spirit of Zyralor, pay a visit to the Well of Blades (Blade Square, Trithik).

This raffle will run from February 8th through March 8th.

2/8/19  -  Upgrade: Toegrog's Rings

Adventurers in possession of any of Toegrog's mighty rings (Ebony, Red, Green, Blue) should visit the "windowless building with a blue door" and seek out the "Available Item Updates" section to upgrade each ring to its new and improved version.

Toegrog's Ebony Ring is from the Toegrog's Curse special package.

Toegrog's Red, Green, and Blue Rings are from the Toegrog's Ring special package.

2/8/19  -  Oakenstone Mask Prizes

Prizes and final results for the Oakenstone Mask: Lair of the Bog Lich event will be available at 6 PM (Eastern US Time) tonight.

Congratulations to the top finishers and thank you to all the brave adventures who took part!

2/7/19  -  Item Updates/Upgrades

From time to time, certain items will receive updates/upgrades that will (in all cases) improve their stats and/or special abilities.

To check and see if you're in possession of an item that has an available update, visit the "windowless building with a blue door" and seek out the "Available Item Updates" section.

Currently, there are three items for which upgrades are available:

  • Toegrog's Ebony Ring (Toegrog's Curse package)
  • Silver Eye Ring (Silver Wish package)
  • Mark of Irmurik (Titans of Tysa package)

Adventurers will need to have the item to be upgraded in their inventory before they can proceed with the update.

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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