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     February 12th
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News & Announcements
2/9/16  -  A Blizzard in The Hills

This special wintry adventure is once again (and now permanently) avaiable in Hawklor, for those adventurers who have yet to attempt and/or complete it.

A longstanding issue that caused this adventure to now and again become unavailable has been fixed.

If you're brave enough to embark on it, be sure to bundle up!

1/31/16  -  New Quickstone Features and More

With the arrival of the Oakenstone Mask event later this week, the legendary Quickstones will be be receiving additional features and three new obtainable upgrades.

The first upgrade will boost the Quickstone's daily Experience bonus from 10% to 15%, while the second upgrade will increase by one the number of full heals allowed each day.

The third upgrade will allow you the ability to adjust the Quick Combat settings associated with your Quickstone.

The first Quick Combat setting will allow you to set Stamina Point percentage threshold at which a Quick Combat will automatically revert to a manual combat. You'll be able to select 25%, 50%, or 75%.

The second Quick Combat setting will let you set the Attack Style (Aggressive, Normal, Defensive) that will be used when you perform a Quick Combat.

These Quick Combat settings can be adjusted at any time.

To unlock these Quickstone upgrades, you'll need to seek out a rather strange individual who will be wandering about the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle.

A message will appear in your Adventure Finder when this person is available, which will be sometime in the next couple of days.

1/22/16  -  Quickstones

No adventurer should be without a Quickstone!

If you haven't yet acquired your Quickstone, you should immediately pay a visit to Rixbin in Trithik.

To find Rixbin's shop, head to Blade Square in Trithik and then choose to explore the buildings that flank the quadrangle.

Quickstones provide a myriad of amazing features and benefits. Don't set out for adventure without one!

Despite a persistent rumour, the cost to acquire a Quickstone hasn't changed. You can still acquire a Quickstone for just 200 Adventurer Tokens and a bit of gold!

1/22/16  -  Oakenstone Mask - Update

The Oakenstone Mask is expected to go live later next week. Thanks to all of Sryth's brave and illustrious adventurers for their patience.

If you haven't yet attempted the event's qualifying challenge, there's no time to lose!

Head over to the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle and take a shot at "Grelzoar the Blighted". Grelzoar, a hulking, cruel specimen of goblindom is just the sort of trial required of those seeking to test their mettle in the Oakenstone Mask.

Remember, while no magic is permitted in the Oakenstone Mask event, certain forms of magic (yet unknown to Zumryn), will prove to be of use. Two such bits of magic are the enchantments provided by Zoriarn.

Adventurers who haven't yet acquired one or both Zorliarn's permanent enchantments should pay a visit to the "Sage" in Blade Square, Trithik.

1/9/16  -  Arkynak's Key - Prize Details

As promised (and forgotten by one forgetful GM, sorry!) here are the details concerning the prize from the most recent Well of Blades raffle for Arkynak's Key.

The raffle's Grand Prize, now in the possession of Cyclone, an adventurer on the roster of kamian, included the following:

  • 3,000 Adventurer Tokens
  • 500,000 Experience
  • 100,000 Experience to ALL Skills/Powers
  • 250,000 Gold
  • Permanent +20 to Melee Rating
  • Permanent +30 to Stamina Points
  • Arkynak's Blade (a longsword)
    • +56 Melee Rating
    • +5 Stamina Points
    • +3 Spirit
    • +3 Body
    • +2 Aura
    • +10 Melee Rating vs. Demons, Dragons, Goblins, Undead
  • Arkynak's Claw Ring
    • +15 Melee Rating
    • +20 Stamina Points
    • +4 Mind
    • +4 Aura

Congratulations again to Cyclone and Thank You to all the adventurers who took part in the raffle!

1/8/16  -  The Oakenstone Mask

The Oakenstone Mask, an event like no other, will soon go live at Zumryn's Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle.

This special competition, which seeks to test the mettle and battle prowess of its contestants, will feature an array of combat-intensive challenges designed to do just that.

In each challenge, you'll be thrust headlong into a scenario that will contain one or more foes. Defeating these enemies will win you points toward an overall score for the challenge. The more efficiently you manage to defeat your foes, the more points you will be awarded.

Adventurers taking part in the Oakentone Mask will compete against their fellow adventurers as they try to achieve the best score for each challenge. An adventurer's overall score for the Oakentone Mask event will be determined by adding up the scores for each individual challenge.

Each combat challenge, as well as the overall event score, will have its own leaderboard where you can see how you're stacking up against your competition (which will undoubtedly be fierce).

Here is a list of some of the combat challenges that will be part of the Oakenstone Mask event...

  • A Troll among Trolls
  • Velgorath the Wretched
  • Bones and Blades
  • The Green Giant
  • What Lurks Beneath
  • Hisssss
  • The Rat Den
  • Dark Circle
  • Stomper's Day Out
  • Flamewielder
  • The Gate
  • Steel and Shadow

Contestants will be able to attempt the challenges as many times as they like as they seek to achieve the best possible score for each challenge.

After attempting a challenge, an adventurer will be required to wait a few minutes for that particular challenge to again be made available.

More details soon!

1/2/16  -  Arkynak's Key - Update

The drawing for the Well of Blades Raffle for Arkynak's Key has taken place!

Congratulations to Cyclone from the roster of kamian whose entry was drawn out of the many thousands of entries in the raffle.

The unveiling of the raffle's Grand Prize will take place tomorrow (1/3) at which time Cyclone will be able to claim his rewards!

Congratulations again to Cyclone and a special Thank You to every adventurer who took part in the raffle. Thank you!

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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