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Felina was sighted departing from Trithik on horseback, reportedly headed for Durnsig.  view more

     December 18th
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News & Announcements
12/14/14  -  Festival of Blades Update

The qualifying event for the Festival of Blades (The Maze of Menace) has ended.

On Monday, December 22nd, Zumryn will choose the final tournament roster of 64 combatants from among all those who qualified for selection by completing the Maze of Menace.

The Festival of Blades Selection Leadboard is now live and updating every 15 minutes. To view the leaderboard (and perhaps most importantly your place on it), visit the Battlegrounds and select the "Festival of Blades IV" option.

At the stroke of midnight on December 22nd, the top 64 combatants listed on the leaderboard will be selected for the official tournament roster.

If you've completed the Maze of Menace but your adventurer's name isn't listed on the leaderboard, be sure to save your game and then view the list again.

Good luck to all!

12/10/14  -  Tallys's Winter Chest Raffle - Update


In the Spirit of the Season, Tallys has just promised that adventurers taking part in the raffle for the Winter Chest WILL NOT forfeit ANY Adventurer Tokens spent on entries if they DON'T win.

And, the lucky adventurer who wins the Winter Chest will only have to forfeit half the Adventurer Tokens (rounded up) he or she spent on entries.

So, in short...

If you DON'T WIN, you get ALL of your Adventurer Tokens back.

If you DO WIN, you get HALF of your Adventurer Tokens back.

Adventurers interested in taking part in the raffle can do so by visiting the Well of Blades in Blade Square in Trithik.

The raffle for Tallys's Winter Chest runs through December 31st.

Good luck!

12/9/14  -  The Cottage

Adventurers Guild Members are invited to check out a new, winter/Christmas-themed scenario now available at the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle.

This special scenario, titled 'The Cottage', runs through the end of December.

To reach Iron Crown Isle, travel to the town of Westmere in the Barrow Loch region of Southeast Tysa. Once in Westmere, pay a visit to the Misty Loch tavern.

If you're not yet an Adventurers Guild member, upgrade your account today and enjoy all that a Sryth premium membership has to offer!

12/4/14  -  A Winter-Themed Scenario

A special, limited-time wintry scenario is coming!

More details soon.

12/4/14  -  Special Christmas Packages Available

There are six special Christmas/Yuletide packages now available for purchase through the Holiday Season...

  • The Ho-Ho-Holly-Day Bundle II
  • The Ho-Ho-Holly-Day Bundle
  • The Pack o' Palobread
  • The Bag o' Bells
  • The Crate o' Candles
  • The Chest o' Cheer

Each of these amazing packages are loaded with Adventurer Tokens, permanent stat bonuses, and more!

Be sure to check them out by clicking on any of the in-game links or by visiting the "windowless building with a blue door" in Hawklor, Talinus, or Trithik.

12/2/14  -  Festival of Blades Qualifications

Zumryn would like to remind Adventurers seeking to qualify for selection for the upcoming Festival of Blades Tournament of Arms that they have through Sunday, December 14th to conquer his Maze of Menace and earn a shot at being chosen for the contest.

Only the top 64 adventurers who earn a victory in the Maze of Menace will be selected for the tournament roster.

Tournament roster selection is based on an adventurer's overall combat ability (Melee Rating, Stamina Points, and their mastery in weaponry-related skills).

Adventurers interested in attempting to qualify for tournament roster selection should immediately pay a visit to the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle and investigate the Maze of Menace.

12/1/14  -  Tallys's Winter Chest

Tallys, proprietor of the most famous (or is it infamous) trading post in all the North Broadlands would like to announce that one of his most prized possessions, the legendary Winter Chest, is being offered as the grand prize in the latest Well of Blades Raffle in Trithik.

The Winter Chest is filled with an amazing assortment of unique, valuable, and rewarding odds and ends -- treasures of the highest order!

So, what's in this grand box of ice? Only the adventurer who's lucky enough to win it will find out.

However, let it be known that the value of the chest's contents is nearly beyond estimation!

The Winter Chest is a special, unique prize that Tallys is making available as the grand prize for one raffle -- and one raffle only!

Adventurers interested in taking part in the raffle can do so by visiting the Well of Blades in Blade Square in Trithik.

The raffle for Tallys's Winter Chest runs through December 31st.

12/1/14  -  Contest of Bows Prizes

Prizes and participation rewards for the ninth Contest of Bows are now available at the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle.

Thank you to all the brave adventurers who took part in the tournament and congratulations to those who managed to finish among the top ten.

A special congratulations to Actaneon (from the roster of shadowmancer), who finished in first place, defeating Feurrian (from the roster of killenthevil) by the narrowest possible margin...1 point!

Well done, one and all.

12/1/14  -  Rhaknar's 'Mad' Update

Based on a grand suggestion received from one of Sryth's illustrious adventurers, we've made a change to how the perilous labyrinth known as Rhaknar's Mad functions.

Adventurers in possession of a Quickstone are no longer limited to unlocking only a single new level of the maze each day.

Utilizing the power of the ancient, mysterious, and mighty Quickstone, an adventurer foolhardy enough to venture into the 'Mad' will now be able to unlock new levels as they become available, without having to contend with a daily limit.

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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