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     May 22nd
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News & Announcements
5/19/18  -  Contest of Bows Prizes & Results

Prizes and final results for the latest Contest of Bows will be available at 3 PM today (Eastern US Time).

Congratulations to those contestants who managed to place among the top ten spots and thank you to all participants!

5/19/18  -  In Bleakest Winter

The fifth part of the "Wispered Madness" series of adventures is now available in Warfoot in the Greywarren region of Eastern Tysa.

5/16/18  -  A Whispered Madness - Part 5

"In Bleakest Winter", the fifth part of the "Whispered Madness" series of adventures will be available tomorrow evening (5/17).

Many of the choices you'll have the opportunity to make in this adventure, as you struggle to cling to the fragments of your decaying sanity, will have far-reaching consequences.

This adventure pits you against the insidious threat of the Hulgurod and begins to reveal the sinister entity inexplicably tied to your fate.

5/9/18  -  Archery Tournament Begins Tonight

Adventurers skilled in archery will want to make their way to Zumryn's Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle tonight for the start of a new and thrilling contest of bows!

The contest is set to begin at 6 PM (Eastern US Time) sharp and will run through Friday, May 18th.

The Grand Prize for this tournament is, as always, a unique enchanted bow.

Best of luck to all contestants.

Let those arrows fly!

5/9/18  -  Finishing Touches & Final Testing

We're applying the finishing touches and doing some final testing on "In Bleakest Winter" and expect to launch the adventure sometime over the next few days.

It's taken a bit longer than expected, but the adventure should definitely be worth the wait.

Adventurers can expect a challenging adventure in which their choices will affect not only the outcome of the current scenario but related future scenarios as well.

5/6/18  -  In Bleakest Winter

Additional testing and bug fixing has pushed back the expected release of the latest chapter in the "Whispered Madness" series of adventures by a few days, but it's on its way!

Among the many challenges included in the fifth entry of the "Whispered Madness" series is an array of "difficult" choices that must be made.

These choices will help lead adventurers to one of more than sixteen different endings for the scenario and will prove consequential down the road.

We anticipate that the adventure well be made available sometime over the next several days.

4/25/18  -  A Whispered Madness

The fifth (and by far the largest) entry in the "Whispered Madness" series of adventures is set to be released sometime over the next few days.

This adventure pits you against an ever-steepening descent into the lurking arms of the Hulgurod and may (depending upon the choices you make) reveal something about a certain immortal ogre and his sinister role in events tied to your fate.

This adventure features no less than sixteen distinct endings, each with their own significance in relation to your destiny.

Along the way, you may find yourself privy to sneak peeks of what it is that awaits you in the depths of a certain legendary sorcerer's fiendish labyrinth.

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