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     September 20th
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If you're blind or visually-impaired, let us know how we can make the game more accessible to you.

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News & Announcements
9/17/18  -  Untold Heaps of Bone

We expect to launch our special (and rewarding) Adventurer Appreciation Month scenario, "Untold Heaps of Bone", this Thursday (9/20).

This challenging adventure, which will be available in Mirgspil, is open to all adventurers.

For a limited time, in honour of Adventurer Appreciation Month, this adventure includes a special ending reward!

9/7/18  -  Taverns and Monuments

Be sure to keep a watchful eye out for the appearance of more adventurer monuments from the Titans of Tysa package as these grand statues begin to appear throughout Tysa.

The first of the adventurer-owned establishments (also from the Titans of Tysa package) will be the Boomerang Tavern in Sworray Billabong, in Fenmarch.

Like the other adventurer-owned taverns, palo dens, and alehouses to follow, the Boomerang Tavern will feature a unique mini adventure and will serve as a hub for future scenarios.

Each of the mini adventures for these special establishments are related. Completing them all will unlock a special final scenario.

On a side note, it may be possible to persuade a cantankerous, seasoned warrior who spends his days lingering about the Boomerang Tavern to impart his knowledge of the windcarver to worthy adventurers curious about the versatile and deadly weapon.

9/7/18  -  Double AT Rewards

September is Adventurer Appreciation Month!

During September, all Adventurer Tokens earned through Donation Rewards will be instantly doubled.

To learn more, visit the "windowless building with a blue door" in Hawklor, Talinus, or Trithik.

9/7/18  -  Untold Heaps of Bone

The first special event for September (Adventurer Appreciation Month), will be available beginning next week.

There isn't a lot that can be said without giving away too much, but 'Untold Heaps of Bone' is a grim scenario/event that will surely challenge even the most adept adventurers.

9/4/18  -  New Dungeon Navigation Setting

A new option for a text-based dungeon navigation setting will become available tomorrow afternoon (9/5).

Selecting 'Location Number Navigation' in the Dungeon Map Setting (available via the Map: Dungeon link in the character stat pane) will allow for taxt-based navigation that references the Location Numbers for the location you're in and the locations to which you can move.

While using this navigation setting, movement links will begin with 'Explore' for locations you haven't yet been to, or with 'Head' for locations you've already visited.

We hope that this new navigation option will help to address some of the difficulties experienced by visually-impaired players attempting to navigate dungeons.

If you try out this new setting, or choose to make use of it, please be sure to send us your comments, suggestions so that we can continue to hone and improve it.

8/30/18  -  Monuments and Taverns

Monuments for adventurers who have acquired the Titans of Tysa package will begin to appear across the Kingdom of Tysa beginning tomorrow.

The first of these towering tributes to some of Sryth's greatest adventurers is already available and can be seen by visiting Sworray Billabong in the Fenmarch region of Southwest Tysa.

At some point tomorrow, the monuments for Lilith, Telop, Gradokulo, and Rygar will mysteriously appear in various locations in Tysa.

There will be several more batches of monuments put live over the next week, so if your adventurer wasn't mentioned here, have no fear for his or her monument is currently being constructed.

The first of the adventurer-owned establishments, the Boomerang Tavern (owned and operated by the famed adventurer Greygor) will be appearing near Sworray Billabong (home to Greygor's epic monument) early next week.

8/17/18  -  New Dungeon Navigation Option

We've begun to test a new dungeon navigation option that we hope will make it easier for blind and visually-impaired players to navigate in dungeon settings.

This text navigation option will present the dungeon as a numbered grid that will hopefully make it simpler to determine your current location and the locations immediately surround you.

If anyone has any suggestions for inclusion in this new navigation option, please send them to I very much enjoy and appreciate all suggestions and feedback!

8/17/18  -  Screams from the Past

"Screams from the Past", the prelude adventure to the upcoming Lists of Aravul, will be the next major adventure release.

Completion of this adventure will allow an adventurer to take part in the grand Jousting tournament to be held on Iron Crown Isle.

To be able to access "Screams from the Past", an adventurer will need to have achieved level 30 in both Weaponry and Horsemanship.

This adventure will also provide characters with the "Weaponry: Lances" skill, unless they already possess it.

8/17/18  -  Monuments & Taverns

We're busy preparing a number of adventurer monuments and adventurer-owned establishments (taverns, alehouses, and palo dens) from the Titans of Tysa package for play.

These monuments and establishments each inhabit their own permanent game locations and will be able to be visited by all adventurers.

The monuments are all connected to a special adventure, the first part of which requires an adventurer to climb them -- a dangerous feat by any measure.

The establishments, similarly, each feature a small standalone adventure. Completing all of these individual adventures will unlock a final, larger adventure.

The first monument, that of the illustrious Greygor, is already available in the placid surroundings of Sworray Billabong in the Fenmarch region of Southwest Tysa.

The first establishment, the Boomerang Tavern, owned and operated by Greygor, will soon be available in Fenmarch.

If you've acquired the Titans of Tysa package and haven't yet provided details for your monuments or your establishment, please send them to at your earliest convenience.

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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