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     May 26th
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News & Announcements
5/14/16  -  Battle Elixirs

Special Battle Elixir packages are now available for purchase, for a limited time.

These ancient Aldvari potions (blue, red, and black) each provide amazing permanent bonuses to both Melee Rating and Stamina Points as well as some hefty Experience rewards!

Check out any of the in-game links or vist the "windowless building with a blue door" to learn more.

5/14/16  -  The Wand, Part II

Continuing what began in "The Wand", the second in this series of adventures by V.W.K. will soon be available.

To be able to embark on this adventure when it goes live, an adventurer must have completed "The Wand" as well as "The Winds of Mount Stonejaw".

Please note that "The Winds of Mount Stonejaw" is an adventure involving a certain archmage and it can be found at your special residence.

Speaking of residences, if you haven't yet acquired one and are looking for a place to call home, head over to Faradmyn's in Talinus and take a look at the grand residences he currently has for sale.

Residences provide you with a place to safely store items, a way to quickly travel to specific destinations, and allow access to special adventures and scenarios not elsewhere available.

You can also purchase upgrades for your residence, some of which are interactive -- like your very own moat monster -- and we all want a moat monster.

So, if you're looking for a safe, comfortable place to rest after a long day of adventuring, pay a visit to Faradmyn in Talinus -- you'll be glad you did!

5/14/16  -  Zorliarn's Enchantments

Zorliarn's Enchantment of Mettle helps you roll fewer 1s during combat, and his Enchantment of Devastation helps you roll more 20s.

The value of Zorliarn's enchantments cannot be overstated!

Adventurers who haven't yet acquired one or both of these permanent enchantments should pay a visit to Zorliarn the "Sage" in Blade Square, Trithik.

5/9/16  -  The Wand

Adventurers who have completed "The Caves of Westwold", "The Savage Wild", and "The Dark of Riddlewood" will find a new adventure ("The Wand") awaiting them in Hawklor.

"The Wand" is the first adventure penned by the mysterious V.W.K..

A long-time Sryth tester, V.W.K. has begun to craft adventures that will be springing up throughout Sryth.

"The Wand", V.W.K.'s first adventure to go live, should be played with care as there are several paths to completion, each with different consequences that will have an effect on future related adventures.

4/27/16  -  Painted Egg Prizes Available

The rewards for the Painted Eggs that were collected during the Oakenstone Mask Event are now available at the encampment at the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle.

Adventurers in possession of an Oakenstone Mask Egg Basket will find the option to "Claim your Painted Egg Reward" upon visiting the encampment.

4/26/16  -  Gold Cap Raised

The Gold Cap (the maximum amount of gold an adventurer can possess) has been raised from 3 million to 7 million.

4/26/16  -  Painted Egg Prizes - Update

Prizes for the Painted Eggs are a bit delayed, but they're on the way!

The prizes are expected to be avaiable later today at the encampment at the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle.

4/26/16  -  The Oakenstone Talismans

Adventurers who now find themselves the lucky owners of one of the exceedingly rare Oakenstone Talismans (these were among the rewards for some of the very top finishers of the recent Oakenstone Mask event) should take great care to keep these strange and powerful items safe!

Apart from their more obvious benefits (bonuses to Melee Rating and Stamina Points), the talismans will soon begin to prove their usefulness in other ways.

And, it should be noted, at the conclusion of future Oakenstone Mask events, it will be possible (based on how well your finish) to have the ever-dour Kelmurk augment the enchantments your talisman bears, thus increasing the bonuses and benefits it provides.

The Oakenstone Talisman may not be the single most powerful piece of neck armour immediately upon acquisition, but its potential to become just that is, as of this writing, unrivaled in all of Sryth!

And, as was previously mentioned, keep it safe!

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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