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     July 30th
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News & Announcements
7/29/16  -  Scheduled Maintenance Completed

The server maintenance scheduled for today (7/29) has been completed.

7/16/16  -  Zorliarn's Ring of Arcana

Adventurers in the market for a truly remarkable magical ring should immediately seek out Zorliarn the "Sage" in Blade Square (Trithik).

For the next small while, Zorliarn will be making available to those who have acquired at least one of his special enchantments (and completed a certain task) his Ring of Arcana - an item quite beyond compare.

This magical ring begins with the following bonuses (+10 Melee Rating, +10 Stamina Points, +1 Nevernal Reserve). Each of these bonuses will increase by 2 for every one of the following four magical disciplines in which you've attained at least level 70 (Divination, Illusion, Conjuration, Telekinesis).

The maximum total bonuses for this ring (if the four previously mentioned powers are all at level 70 or higher) are: +18 Melee Rating, +18 Stamina Points, and +9 Nevernal Reserve!

Adventurers can choose to purchase this grand ring using Gold, Battle Markers, or Adventurer tokens.

6/29/16  -  Well of Blades Raffle Winner

Congratulations to Lady Vanessa from the adventurer roster of Holden who has just won the Black Blade of Tryndmoor in the latest Well of Blades Raffle!

A special thank you to all those who took part in the raffle.

6/29/16  -  The Black Blade of Tryndmoor

The raffle drawing for The Black Blade of Tryndmoor will take place later today (6/29). Good luck to all participants and thank you for taking part!

6/18/16  -  Glittering Ice Shield

One of the best shields available to adventurers braving the perils of Sryth just got better!

The stats of the Glittering Ice Shield have been improved, particularly at its highest levels.

The stat/skill requirements to equip the shield have also been lowered.

6/18/16  -  New Adventures

Several new adventures on are the way, including some from V.W.K.. Two of the adventures by V.W.K. -- "The Wand, Part II" and "Dead End" -- are expected to be available in the next few days.

Look for notices in your Adventure Finder in-game.

6/7/16  -  Game 'Engine' Update

The core of the Sryth game code will soon receive an update designed to improve overall performance, address several fixes, and implement a few new features.

A short period of downtime will be necessary when the update is put live, though an announcement will be made in advance.

6/7/16  -  Tallys's Trading Post

Announced quite some time ago, though only now nearing completion, Tallys will soon be overhauling his entire Trading Post inventory.

His new collection of items promises to be bigger, better, and more diverse than ever.

More details soon!

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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