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     November 25th
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News & Announcements

Contest of Bows Begins 11/29


The latest Contest of Bows, a grand archery tournament featuring the realm's most skilled archers, begins on Sunday, November 29th at 6 AM (Eastern US Time).

The tournament, which takes place at the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle, will run through Sunday, December 6th.

Adventurers skilled in archery are invited to take part in the contest, the grand prize for which is a rare and powerful Potion of Indomitable Fortitude.

This contest will make use of the new tournament format which allows archers to launch their arrows at the targets four times each day.

Good luck, arrow slingers!

Dragonbone Disc Clarification


Just a clarification on the Dragonbone Disc special reward.

You do not need to spend your Sryth Coins to acquire the Dragonbone Disc reward.

Players who purchase Sryth Coins during November will be able to claim the Dragonbone Disc reward on or after December 4th without spending any of their acquired Sryth Coins.

The number of Sryth Coins you purchase in November will determine the level of the Dragonbone Disc you receive.

Latest Updates


I hope this update finds all of Sryth's adventurers in good health and good spirits!

Work continues full steam ahead on the Candleglow Carnival, our belated Adventurer Appreciation Month scenario (A Forgotten Tomb), the Cursed Cave, and both the Zarathmor and Arkyndar expansions.

The Carnival is expected to include five competitive events in which adventurers will compete to win prizes as well as a special adventure scenario titled "Master of the Puppets". This adventure features a devilish implementation of the all-new "tile-based" dungeon system.

Beginning on Thursday, November 26th, the Sryth Adventure Shop will have some special Black Friday offerings, some of which will only be available for a limited time. Be sure to check them out!

Don't forget that there's a special November Reward (The Dragonbone Disc) that you can earn when you help support Sryth via the purchase of Sryth Coins.

As always, thank you to all the adventurers who play and support Sryth.

Your support, feedback, suggestions, questions, and comments are always very much appreciated. Thank You!

Stay safe, keep well, and if you're celebrating Thanksgiving this week, make sure to leave lots of room for dessert!

-- Matt (

Sryth Coins Adjustment


There was an error in the details of the package of 3,000 Sryth Coins that incorrectly stated the amount as 3,800 Sryth Coins.

Players who purchased the 3,000 Sryth Coins package have had their Sryth Coins total adjusted to add the coins that were stated in the description, but missing from their account.

The description of the 3,000 Sryth Coins package is now fixed and correctly displays the total as 3,000 Sryth Coins.

November Reward - Dragonbone Disc


Adventurers who help support Sryth via the purchase of Sryth Coins during November will receive a special reward on December 4th!

The Dragonbone Disc, a curious artifact of immense power, offers six different magical effects from which an adventurer can choose (and re-choose as desired) that provide boosts to Melee Rating, Stamina Points, and Nevernal Reserve.

There's also a mystery bonus that activates with each of the effects.

The number of Sryth Coins you purchase during November will determine the level of the Dragonbone Disc. The higher the level of the Disc, the better its bonuses will be!

  • 1,000 Sryth Coins - Dragonbone Disc Level 1
  • 5,000 Sryth Coins - Dragonbone Disc Level 2
  • 10,000 Sryth Coins - Dragonbone Disc Level 3
  • 15,000 Sryth Coins - Dragonbone Disc Level 4

Everyone who qualifies to receive a Dragonbone Disc may do so with each of their characters, current and future.

As always, thank you for playing and for supporting Sryth!

-- Matt (

New "Tile-Based Dungeon" Test


Adventurers are invited to try out and test the all-new "tile-based dungeon" test scenario available in Trithik.

To access this scenario, select the "Adventures for this Location" option in Trithik and seek out the "Tile Dungeon Preview" entry.

Please note that this scenario is a limited slice out of an adventure from the upcoming Arkyndar expansion, designed to provide the opportunity to test out and provide bug reports and feedback on the new dungeon/exploration system.

The dungeon in this scenario, "The Fastness of Narthemra", is largely empty, save for a lone enemy and a single snare.

This test scenario also makes use of the new "variable difficulty mode" setting.

Have a go at it, if you wish, and be sure to send any bug reports, questions, suggestions, and general feedback to me at

Thank you for taking a look and, as always, for playing and supporting Sryth!

-- Matt (

Network Lag Resolved


The intermittent lag players experienced while accessing was resolved by our hosting provider within the last hour and should no longer be an issue.

Thank you for your patience while the problem was identified and corrected and thank you to our host provider for the fix!

-- Matt (

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

Latest News
Our latest news was posted on 11/23.

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