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     January 27th
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News & Announcements
1/27/15  -  Server Maintenance 1/28

The Sryth server will be undergoing an update and maintenance starting at 10:00 AM (Eastern US Time) tomorrow (Wednesday, 1/28).

This maintenance will involve a short period of downtime, during which the web site and the game will not be accessible.

Game sessions that are active when the server goes offline will be automatically resumed when the server comes back online.

1/12/15  -  Festival of Blades - Final Battle

The final battle in the Festival of Blades Tournament of Arms, between Feurrian and Actaneon, will take place tonight (Monday 1/12) at 9 PM (Eastern US Time).

The results will be posted shortly after the final bout has been fought.

Best of luck to both tournament finalists!

1/2/15  -  The Winter Chest Raffle

The drawing for Tallys's Winter Chest will take place tonight (Friday, January 2nd).

Please remember that if do not win the grand prize, you'll receive back ALL the Adventurer Tokens you spent purchasing entries.

If you're lucky enough to win the Winter Chest, you'll receive back HALF the Adventurer Tokens you spent on entries.

Good luck to all!

1/2/15  -  Festival of Blades Update

The first round of battles in the Festival of Blades Tournament of Arms has been fought. The field of 64 hopeful contestants has, in one fell swoop, been reduced to a mettlesome 32.

Remaining contestants have until 6 PM (Eastern US Time) on Saturday, January 3rd, to make changes to their characters that will be reflected in the second round of bouts.

Best of luck to all remaining combatants!

1/2/15  -  Happy New Year!

We would like to wish all of Sryth's illustrious adventurers and those whom they hold dear a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!

12/29/14  -  Festival of Blades - Round 1

The first round of bouts for the Festival of Blades Tournament of Arms has been prepared. As is the case for all tournament rounds (except for the final round, of course), contestants were matched up randomly.

The bouts for Round 1 will be fought at 7 PM on 12/31. Contestants have until 6 PM on 12/31 to make any changes they wish to have reflected in their configurations for the first bout.

To view the list of bouts for Round 1, including previews/predictions for each bout, please visit the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle.

Good luck to all!

12/14/14  -  Festival of Blades Update

The qualifying event for the Festival of Blades (The Maze of Menace) has ended.

On Monday, December 22nd, Zumryn will choose the final tournament roster of 64 combatants from among all those who qualified for selection by completing the Maze of Menace.

The Festival of Blades Selection Leadboard is now live and updating every 15 minutes. To view the leaderboard (and perhaps most importantly your place on it), visit the Battlegrounds and select the "Festival of Blades IV" option.

At the stroke of midnight on December 22nd, the top 64 combatants listed on the leaderboard will be selected for the official tournament roster.

If you've completed the Maze of Menace but your adventurer's name isn't listed on the leaderboard, be sure to save your game and then view the list again.

Good luck to all!

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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