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     October 21st
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News & Announcements
10/20/17  -  Pumpkin Growing Contest

A Pumpkin Growing Contest will begin tomorrow (10/21) afternoon at the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle.

The contest will run for approximately 30 days which should result in some frighteningly large pumpkins!

The top finishers in the contest will win Adventurer Tokens and all contestants will earn an Experience reward.

10/17/17  -  Doors of Deception Prizes

Final results and prizes for the second Doors of Deception event will be available today (10/17) at 3 PM (Eastern US Time).

Congratulations to the top finishers and thank you to all the adventurers who took part!

10/14/17  -  Contest of Bows Prizes

Prizes and final results for Zumryn's latest Contest of Bows will be available later today (10/14) at the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle.

Congratulations to those adventurers who managed to finish among the top ten competitors and thank you to everyone who participated!

10/4/17  -  A Contest of Bows to Begin

The latest of Zumryn's grand archery tournaments will begin on Friday (10/6) at the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle.

Adventurers skilled in Archery are invited to take part and prove themselves in what promises to be a thrilling contest.

The Grand Prize for this tournament will be a particularly "spooky" bow.

10/4/17  -  Doors of Deception to Begin

The second Doors of Deception event begins tomorrow evening (Thursday, 10/5) at the Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle.

10/1/17  -  The Ring on The Hay

Adventurers who took part in the "Ring on the Hay" event during September will find out tomorrow (10/2) if indeed they're the lucky winner of a most magnificent ring.

The winner will be revealed at the "windowless building with a blue door" in Hawklor, Talinus, or Trithik.

Good luck to all participants!

9/30/17  -  Doors of Deception II

The second Doors of Deception special event will begin within the next few days at Zumryn's Battlegrounds on Iron Crown Isle.

New challenges have been added to the mix and challenges from the first Doors of Deception event have received updates and changes, many of them based on player feedback.

Be ready!

9/30/17  -  Kirylda's Tomb

It's taking a bit longer than expected to prepare the "Kirylda's Tomb" to go live, but it's expected that the adventure will be available at noon tomrrow (10/1).

There are two parts to "Kirylda's Tomb", an opening scenario followed by the main adventure. Both parts feature choices/paths that can affect an adventurer going forward.

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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