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     April 28th
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News & Announcements
4/27/17  -  New Display Options/Tweaks

We're finishing up on some new display options/tweaks to various part of the game that should go live within the next few days.

One such tweak, a frequent request of many adventurers, provides the ability to choose the in-game text/font size.

There are also several enhancements being made to the combat screen that will help to make it more responsive and easier to navigate.

4/27/17  -  New Adventures

The series of scenarios inspired by the Oakenstone Mask events will soon continue with the following adventures...

  • Mudheart
  • Warrior of the Wilds
  • Big Bad Tree
4/19/17  -  Egg Hunt Reward

Later this evening, Adventurers who have managed to find all twelve painted eggs will be able to begin the process of collecting their reward by visiting the "windowless building with a blue door" in Hawklor, Talinus, or Trithik.

Collecting the reward may not be quite as simple as a visit to the aforementioned building, but we shall see...

4/13/17  -  Egg Hunt Tips

Here are a few tips for all the adventurers searching the Kingdom of Tysa for the twelve painted eggs.

  • The Eggs are placed in locations that can be reached through normal travel and walking about.
  • You don't have to use the "Explore" option or visit any dungeons to find the eggs.
  • After you've found at least one egg, you'll have an item named "Painted Eggs" in your inventory which will list for you all the eggs you've found.

Good luck!

4/12/17  -  Egg Hunt Underway

The Egg Hunt taking places across the Kingdom of Tysa kicked off just before noon and adventurers have been prowling the length and breadth of the realm in search of the painted curiosities.

Some of the eggs are tucked away in somewhat obscure spots and some have been placed in more obvious locations.

There's a total of twelve eggs to be found. Any adventurer who finds the entire dozen will earn a special reward to be made available on April 19th.

Good luck egg hunters!

4/11/17  -  Egg Hunt

An egg hunt across the Kingdom of Tysa begins tomorrow at 12 Noon (Eastern US Time).

As you might expect, there will likely be more to the egg hunt than meets the eye.

More details soon!

4/2/17  -  Contest of Bows Prizes

Prizes for the 16th Contest of Bows archery tournament will be available later this evening (4/2) at the Battlegrounds.

Thank you to all the archers who participated.

The top finisher in the tournament was Padrake, who managed to post a best score of 10,495! Well done!

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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