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     September 20th
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News & Announcements
9/18/14  -  Festival of Blades Returns in October

The fourth Festival of Blades Tournament of Arms is set to begin in early October.

This legendary contest of arms, which pits Sryth's bravest and most accomplished warriors against one another in thrilling (and ultimately non-lethal) combat, will once again be held at Zumryn's Battlegrouns on Iron Crown Isle.

Adventurers seeking to take part in the tournament will need to first pass the qualifying challenge -- Zumryn's Maze of Menace (Zumryn claims that one of his assistants can be blamed for the labyrinth's name).

The Festival of Blades is available exclusively to Adventurers Guild Members.

If you're not yet an Adventurers Guild member, upgrade your account today and start enjoying all that a Sryth premium membership has to offer!

9/11/14  -  Special Limited Time Adventure

The first special scenario for this year's Adventurer Appreciation Month is now available.

To access this rewarding adventure, pay a visit to Braelmir's Tavern in Tryndmoor (Southeast Tysa). There, you'll find a curious old man who seems to have taken a profound interest in your arrival.

Please Note...

Before you'll be able to find the old man in Braelmir's, you'll need to have visited Blue Moss Cave (near Talinus in Central Tysa). If Blue Moss Cave isn't available as a destination for you, make sure you first check out the stables in Hawklor (Southwest Tysa).

And finally, if you visit the stables in Hawklor and do not encounter a certain retiring adventurer, be sure that you've completed the Caves of Westwold adventure (also available in Hawklor).

9/11/14  -  DOUBLE Adventurer Token Rewards!

In honour of this year's Adventurer Appreciation Month, ALL Adventurer Token donation rewards earned in September will be instantly DOUBLED!

Making a donation in support of Sryth is a great way to earn a bounty of valuable Adventurer Tokens that can then be divided up among your characters in any manner you choose.

As always, thanks for playing and thanks for supporting Sryth!

9/2/14  -  Multiplayer Combat AT Challenge

A special thanks to all the brave adventurers who took part in the Multiplayer Combat Adventurer Token Challenge in August.

The four winners have been drawn and their prizes are now available to be claimed at the "windowless building with a blue door" in Hawklor, Talinus, or Trithik.

The list of winners is also posted at the "windowless building".

Thank you again to everyone who participated and congratulations to the lucky winners!

8/28/14  -  Adventurer Appreciation Month

September has traditionally been Adventurer Appreciation Month for Sryth...and September is just around the corner!

8/28/14  -  Dungeons Here and Dungeons There

...dungeons are popping up everywhere.

A new type of explorable dungeon, called (for lack of a better term) 'clearable dungeons', have begun appearing in various places throughout the Kingdom of Tysa. In fact, they're not really 'appearing', as most of them are very ancient, but they are starting to become available for exploration.

These dungeons, which start out as 'not cleared' each have a number of requirements that need to be satisfied before they can be deemed 'cleared'. Such requirements may include defeating all the enemies (or a certain number of them) within the dungeon, locating a specific item, reaching a certain location, or a combination of several different elements, etc.

Each 'clearable dungeon' will, after a time, reset itself, allowing you to play through it again.

The first three such dungeons are:

  • Blue Moss Cave
    Visit the stables in Hawklor to learn more.
  • Overlook Nook
    Travel to Fang Ridge near Trithik in Western Tysa.
  • The Hall of Stone
    Pay a visit to Foxfell Forest in Northeast Tysa.

Watch your 'Adventure Finder' for new clearable dungeons.

8/28/14  -  Scavenger's Last Hunt

We're hard at work preparing the next several scenarios for "Scavenger's Last Hunt", the first adventure in the second Proving Grounds series.

We will be releasing these several scenarios all at once as they are directly connected to one another and we want there to be no delay between them.

8/28/14  -  Game 'Engine' Update

Much of the core code (we hesitantly call it the 'engine') upon which Sryth operates has, over the past couple of weeks, received a long-overdue overhaul.

Most of the changes and updates that are now live are of the "behind-the-scenes" variety, though you may notice and enjoy a faster, more responsive game experience in many places.

More updates are on the way!

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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