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     July 7th
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News & Announcements
6/25/15  -  Raffle Winner Drawn

Congratulations to Padrake from the adventurer roster of sarsfield who is the lucky winner of the Chest of Near Infinite Wonder in the Well of Blades Raffle! Well done!

Please remember that all raffle entrants may collect an Experience reward based on the number of entries they purchased by approaching the hooded man standing near the Well of Blades.

As promised, here is the list of what is to be obtained from the Chest of Near Infinite Wonders:

  • 100,000 Gold
  • 3,000 Adventurer Tokens
  • Ring of Distant Eyes (+12 MR, +12 SP, +2 Aura, +2 Spirit)
  • Ring of Distant Visions (+5 MR, +20 SP, +2 Aura, +2 Spirit)
  • Ring of Distant Voices (+14 MR, +16 SP, +2 Aura, +2 Spirit)
  • Permanent +18 to Melee Rating (total of 3 bonuses)
  • Permanent +24 to Stamina Points (total of 3 bonuses)
  • 100,000 Experience
  • 25,000 Experience to All Skills/Powers

Rumour has it that Tallys (who supplied the Chest for the raffle) may soon provide a second chest of similar contents for another Well of Blades raffle. More details on that soon!

Congratulations again to the Grand Prize Winner and thank you to everyone who participated in the raffle!

6/25/15  -  The Chest of Near Infinite Wonder

The Well of Blades drawing for the Chest of Near Infinite Wonder will take place at 9 PM (Eastern US) tonight.

The winning adventurer will be named and the contents of the Chest will be detailed immediately following the drawing.

Good luck to all who entered the raffle!

6/24/15  -  The Gems of Orvellyn

Five new Special Packages are now available for purchase, for a limited time.

These packages, each featuring one of the legendary Gems of Orvellyn, are filled with great rewards and bonuses.

An adventurer who acquires all five of the Gems of Orvellyn packages will receive a special extra bonus.

To view the packages, click on any of the in-game links or pay a visit to the "windowless building with a blue door" in Hawklor, Talinus, or Trithik.

As always, thanks for playing and for supporting Sryth!

6/24/15  -  Chest of Near Infinite Wonder

Today is the last day to enter the Well of Blades raffle for the Chest of Near Infinite Wonder.

So, what exactly is inside the chest? That will remain a secret until the winning entry is drawn.

If you haven't yet entered the raffle you may do so by visiting the Well of Blades in Blade Square (Trithik).

Good luck to all!

6/16/15  -  Muldwurn - Now Available

Muldwurn, the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of the Silver Crest is now available at Crest Headquarters in Trithik.

Adventurers tackling this adventure should note that there are multiple outcomes and multiple paths to the conclusion. It may be necessary to play through Muldwurn more than once to discover a path/ending with which you're satisfied.

Above all, be careful...the North Broadlands can be a dangerous place these days!

6/10/15  -  Muldwurn - Update

There's been a slight delay while testing and deploying 'Muldwurn', the latest chapter in the chronicles of the Silver Crest.

Due to fixes that need to be made and additional required testing it's now expected that Muldwurn will be made available sometime over the next couple of days.

An update will be posted once it's available for play.

6/7/15  -  Goblinstone Belt Drawing AT Awards

It was brought to my attention by an observant adventurer (one of the drawing winners no less!) that the winners of the Adventurer Token prizes for the recent Goblinstone Belt drawing were never announced. Worse yet, the AT prizes were also never given out!

Apologies to all affected!

The prizes have now been distributed to the winners, who are:

  • Padrake from the roster of sarsfield
  • Fred from the roster of bnmdev

It should be noted that all blame for this mishap rests squarely on the shoulders of Tallys. Efforts to harshly reprimand him are now underway.

6/7/15  -  Double AT Donation Rewards

Due to a handful of requests, our Double Donation AT Rewards special has been extended through Monday, June 8th.

During this special, all Adventurer Tokens awarded from a donation to support Sryth will be instantly DOUBLED.

When you make a donation in support of Sryth, you earn not only Adventurer Tokens (the rarest and most vaulable currency found on Sryth) but you also earn Donation Reward Points which are used to unlock great bonuses and rewards.

Visit the "windowless building with a blue door" in Hawklor, Talinus, or Trithik to learn more.

As always, thank you for playing and thank you for supporting Sryth.

May you always find success on all your adventures!

Please send all comments, suggestions, and questions regarding posted news items to

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