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Nightbird valiantly engaged Silver Bat Creature...  view more

     July 27th
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Sryth's bravest adventurers can be found in the Hall of Champions...

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Jul 26  -Doors of Deception - Update
Jul 18  -The Doors of Deception
Jul 18  -5 Days Left!
Jul 9  -Special Packages Update
Jul 8  -General Updates
Jul 8  -Special Packages - Update
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Happening Now...
Several adventurers have reported finding an odd statue in The Battlegrounds.
Finryl valiantly engaged 2 Fanged Skeletons...
Natalie killed Staggering Corpse in 2 rounds...
Finryl killed Fanged Skeleton in 4 rounds...
Natalie killed Spear-Wielding Brigand in 3 rounds...
Natalie killed Spear-Wielding Brigand in 2 rounds...
An adventurer has reported seeing an odd statue in Trithik.
Darigan defeated Drunken Tavern Tough in 2 rounds...
Darigan was recently seen in and around the city of Talinus...

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Happening Now...
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