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     July 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


The wizard Toegrog, a Ryorsilian sorcerer who spent much of his life studying and crafting magical rings, has long been credited with the creation of a particularly clever bit of magic that has come to be known as Toegrog's Curse.

Not a curse by any measure, Toegrog's "Curse" is an extremely powerful incantation that provides two very useful benefits to anyone upon whom it is bestowed.

First, the "curse" allows anyone "afflicted" with it to wear a total of seven magical rings instead of the usual limit of four.

Second, the "curse" augments (by 1 point) any Stamina Point and Nevernal Reserve bonuses a magical ring provides.

It is believed that Toegrog placed his "curse" upon various objects with the intent that it could be transferred from these items to a willing subject.

When Toegrog unexpectedly died during a bandit raid upon the caravan in which he and his associates were traveling, all knowledge of his "curse" is thought to have been lost.

Although it can no longer be replicated, it is believed that there yet remains a scattering of objects throughout the realm marked by his sign (the sun) that bear his famous incantation (or "curse", as most accounts would have it).

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