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     July 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Palobread Men

Now and then, often when the winter is at its bleakest, strange tales involving living palobread men (and, at times, palobread women) circulate though the taverns, alehouses, bread houses, and palo dens all across the North Broadlands .

Some of the age's most prominent adventurers have substantiated the tales, claiming to have encountered palobread men in their travels.

It is believed that these small abominations (yes, abominations) are the product of dark magic, and that a sinister purpose almost always lies behind their sudden and unexpected appearances.

In "almost" every tale, and indeed in "most" encounters related by those unfortunate enough to have crossed paths with one or more palobread man, the diminutive, festively-attired confections are described as "small, flat, walking pastries" with "cheerful smiles" and "murderous hearts".

Those who have encountered palobread men say that the edible abominations (yes, abominations again) are alarmingly swift and agile, and prefer to attack their foes (anyone or anything nearby that's not made out of palobread) by throttling them.

Living palobread men are said to resemble gingerbread men (evil gingerbread men), although since no one anywhere seems to know what a gingerbread man is, the analogy isn't particularly helpful.

If you should ever encounter a living palobread man (or, goodness forbid, more than one), please be careful! That is, of course, unless they're of the rarer, nicer variety...but who can tell?

And, while it shouldn't have to be mentioned, if you haven't ever run into a living palobread man, please don't go around saying that you have. There are few enough who take the threat posed by these edible terrors seriously, without more false claims to help fester doubt among the non-believers.

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