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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Rhaknar's 'Mad'

Rhaknar's 'Mad' is the name long ago given to the deep, sprawling labyrinth said to lie beneath the ruins of the infamous sorcerer's ancient tower, somewhere in the cursed, mist-shrouded forest of Fogbough .

Scholars have long wondered at the use of the word 'Mad' as the name of Rhaknar's mythical labyrinth. Most believe that the term 'Mad' is a shortened version of the maze's original moniker of 'Rhaknar's Mad Labyrinth'.

Though the ruins of Rhaknar's tower have never been located, and most believe that his legendary maze is nothing more than a myth, adventurers have long sought to find the infamous labyrinth, eager to explore its passages and uncover the secrets it is said to guard.

Many who believe in the existence of the labyrinth also believe that it is, as ancient texts have suggested, perhaps more than twenty levels deep. Some believe, however, that the maze is far deeper than any have so far estimated.

Even the illustrious master adventurer, Tallys (now retired), has discarded the notion that any such labyrinth ever existed.

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