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     May 23rd
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Thane Marindol of Tysa

Thane Marindol, one of Tysa's Five Thanes , is the overseer of the city of Graldok and the vast region that surrounds it.

As overseer of Graldok, perhaps the most strategic and heavily-guarded point in all of Tysa , the thane is also (by virtue of his title) high commander of the massive, ever-present army garrison that stalwartly defends the " Gateway to the South ".

Often been at odds with the various military leaders whose troops frequently occupy much of the city, the grey-bearded thane remains a brilliant tactician whose skill and loyalty have served to win him the favour of the King .

Despite being slight of build, the thane is an expert swordsman who once served as a Tysian border ranger .

Though not always noticeable, Thane Marindol walks with a slight limp and has some difficulty raising his left arm. Many have speculated that the blame for this lies with a serious injury suffered on the field of battle many years ago.

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