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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Tarn - City of Sorcerers

Little remains standing in the once-glorious "City of Sorcerers" nestled between two of the northernmost spurs of the mighty Felrundin Range , at the foot of a dark and deep mountain lake in the northwest corner of Tysa .

When the supreme leader of the city-state, the Tarn-Hurn , was overthrown by his magic-wielding subjects, the city quickly descended into chaos and ruin.

Within a few decades of the uprising, the city of Tarn was abandoned -- left to the ravages of the wild region that surrounded it -- and the wild things that sought refuge within its crumbling walls.

It's been over a thousand years since the last of the great sorcerers left Tarn, and in that time the ruined city has become a place where few dare to tread.

It's believed that the secrets of the Tarn-Hurn , and those of his greatest disciples, are buried beneath the ruins, awaiting discovery, before they are lost -- and condemned to forever remain myth and legend.

The gates of Tarn, through which any who seek to explore the ruined city must pass, still stand. Long ago imbued with powerful magic, they remain a formidable barrier that only the very mighty should attempt to open.

It's believed that the ruins are home to a wicked assortment of cruel beasts -- some who have wandered into the shattered city and chosen it as a lair -- and others strategically left behind by the departing sorcerers -- guardians of the secrets hidden in the depths of the ruins.

The plentiful and foul Tarnrat was named after the city due to the prolific number of the giant rodents that were found throughout ruins.

If you should find your way to Tarn, please be careful.

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