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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Talderus Redborn

While much of what passes for the "history" of the Tysian farmer known as Talderus Redborn is commonly believed to be the stuff of legend and folklore, there are many (particularly the citizens of his former village ) who believe in his curse -- and in the Redwolf of Sageholt .

As the story goes, Talderus was a farmer who owned and worked several large plots of land east of the village of Sageholt , a small settlement south of Talinus , over a hundred years ago.

It is said that on a cold autumn night, Talderus came face to face with a horrid, two-legged wolf-like creature at the edge of the forest that was named after his grandfather -- Redborn Forest. Talderus fled and survived the encounter, but not before the creature raked him with his steel-hard claws.

After that night, people in and around the village of Sageholt began disappearing. In all, twelve people vanished, and not one of them was ever seen again.

It was the account of a young boy that led the citizens of Sageholt to the gates of the Redborn manor, where Talderus lived alone. His accuser, the lad from the village, said that he had seen Talderus change form and turn into a large, savage wolf creature, and carry off one of the missing villagers (Crimm Starband) into the forest.

Talderus pleaded for mercy and attempted to refute the boy's claim, but he was taken into custody and hanged six days later in the village square. His body was burned and his ashes were scattered in the forest -- which was promptly renamed 'The Blustery Wood'.

Ever since his death, accounts of Talderus still prowling the forests around Sageholt in the form of a large wolf creature have become part of the local folklore, and have given rise to the legend of the "Curse of Talderus Redborn" and the "Redwolf of Sageholt".

It is believed that Talderus seeks revenge against the descendants of the villagers who condemned him to death a century ago.

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