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     June 14th
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The Tome of Lore:  Table of Contents

Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Naidor - Realm of The Warlord

The realm of Naidor, long ago part of the Kingdom of Tysa , became separated from its mother country during the War of The Sceptre , and has for over two hundred years maintained its independence.

Naidor is completely surrounded on all sides by towering mountains, and indeed one of the only ways to move in and out of the country is through a series of large tunnels that delve beneath the mountains. These tunnels were built long ago, before man had yet set foot on Srythian soil.

Naidor has long had a reputation as a warlike state, perhaps due to the ferocity with which it once strived to gain and then maintain its independence from Tysa. The Kingdom of Tysa has long since given up any hope of ever reclaiming Naidor, and has instead worked diligently to improve relations with its neighbour.

The leaders of Naidor are selected by its military (touted to be among the best trained warriors in all of Sryth) and are called the Grand Protectors. The current Grand Protector of Naidor is a man named Megnun. Recently, Megnun and his forces have been struggling to control a forest troll population in the mountains that has grown at an alarming rate.

The people of Naidor are inherently distrustful of outsiders, and have all sworn undying allegiance to their Grand Protector, vowing to defend their freedom at all costs.

The capital, and only major city in Naidor is Vosk .

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