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     June 14th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Thane Mazembak

The mysterious, but extremely influential Thane Mazembak is arguably second to only the King with regard to the power he wields in the Kingdom .

From just below his eyes, to the bottom of his chin, his face is concealed behind a black, wooden mask. Most believe that this odd facial accoutrement hides a disfigurement he obtained early in life, though there are many who think it disguises something more sinister.

There are also many who have long suspected that the middle-aged Thane possesses potent magical ability, though such suspicions have never been proven, and no official doubt has been levied upon Mazembak. It is forbidden by law for Tysian Thanes and Tysian monarchs to possess magical abilities.

By all accounts, Thane Mazembak is an exceptional warrior, who first came to prominence as the man who united many of Tysa's northern militias to defeat the mountain goblin tribes that long ravaged the Kingdom's rugged frontier. His leadership and valour earned him high praise and won him the admiration of King Wenreald , who upon the death of Thane Yindreth made Mazembak heir to the lofty title.

Upon becoming Thane, Mazembak took up residence in the ancient and grim fortress of Stonemarsh, in the northeastern corner of the Kingdom. Mazembak maintains the largest standing fighting force of all Tysa's Thanes, as he oversees the defense of the Kingdom's northeast and eastern frontiers.

Many have criticized Thane Mazembak for what they perceive as unbridled ambition, and there has been more than once voice (some even within the King's court) who have raised concerns over the size of the army he commands. Despite such rumblings, Mazembak seems to have retained the favour of King Wenreald, who considers him a staunch defender of the Kingdom and a trusted and honourable ally.

Thane Mazembak's most recent endeavour has taken him to Saarngard Isle where he has assumed the daunting tasks of overseeing the rebuilding of Saarngard Keep and commanding the soldiers who wage a brutal battle against the savage troll and goblin tribes that dominate much of the island.

His critics have been quick to denounce this latest move as another of the Thane's supposed grasps for power, though many would conclude that his experience in such matters, and his proven success, is the reason he has replaced the man who for nearly a year led the effort to retake the isle -- the lauded Tysian army commander, General Tarakirn.

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