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     May 28th
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The Tome of Lore:  Table of Contents

Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


The broken, shadowy Nevernal realm of Kyul-Thanor has long been the proving grounds for the disciples of Palk .

Once home to the Great Warrior Spirit , the realm has long since fallen into decay following the departure of its master, and is now home to a nightmarish legion of foul creatures from the vast depths of the Neverness .

It is not known why Palk abandoned the realm he created, and long protected, and indeed only a small number of the Great Warrior Spirit's loyal subjects remain in the shadowy Nevernal realm.

These subjects, known as the Thanorians , are a race of grey-skinned humans, who faithfully served Palk during his reign over Kyul-Thanor. Unable to leave the realm to which they're bound, the Thanorians, whose jet-black eyes bear no pupils, are engaged in a constant battle for their survival amidst the legions of evil that stalk the former realm of their master.

The town of Shadowedge, at the centre of Kyul-Thanor, is the last remaining Thanorian outpost in the realm. Protected by the magic of three ancient standing stones at its perimeter, the town survives against the unrelenting and merciless tide of evil that seeks its destruction.

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