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     May 23rd
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The Tome of Lore:  Table of Contents

Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

The City-State of Kardsen

The powerful and remote city-state of Kardsen, situated at the edge of the ancient wood of Mara-Tirul, has, since its founding nearly a thousand years ago, ruled the forests and plains south of Mount Maeltar with unmatched and fearsome military might.

Though by no means a warlike state, Kardsen has always maintained one of the most powerful armies in all of Northern Sryth.

At its outset, Kardsen was governed by the Council of Five, elected by its citizenry. The council was headed by a sixth figure, appointed by the councilors themselves, known as the Sentry. The Sentry ultimately supported or rejected the governance provided by the council, but could not impose governance upon the people of Kardsen -- all authority originated from the five member assembly.

For over a thousand years following its founding, Kardsen thrived under the governance of its elected council, and the widsom of its appointed Sentries.

Nearly two centuries ago, however, war erupted within the city-state.

Corruption within the Council of Five sparked the bitter two year civil war, which ended with the dissolution of the body, and the death of its current Sentry. From the ashes of war there rose a mysterious and powerful figure known only as the Grand Sentry .

The Grand Sentry quickly assumed an authoritative role and sought retribution against those responsible for the corruption -- and any who dared to question his claim to be the supreme ruler of the ancient city-state. It was obvious to all that Kardsen's new ruler was a powerful sorcerer, and indeed many have called him the sorcerer lord .

For almost two hundred years the masked figure known as the Grand Sentry has ruled Kardsen, as the memory of the Council of Five and the city-states lawfully-elected Sentries faded into history.

During the reign of the Grand Sentry (which continues to this day) Kardsen still maintained one of the most formidable militaries in all of the North Broadlands.

The Grand Sentry's role has the city-state's supreme leader has not gone unchallenged, however. A group of dissidents, who decry the Grand Sentry's right to rule Kardsen, and who seek to reinstate the Council of Five, and an elected Sentry, have long stood in opposition to the sorcerer lord . This group has come to be known as the rabble .

Another group, who are fiercely loyal to the Grand Sentry, and who have long done battle with the rabble and their supporters, have become known as the roustmen .

In recent months, the rabble (led by a new and mysterious figure) have become more bold in their opposition and have begun launching attacks against the Grand Sentry's forces and interests within the walls of Kardsen and beyond.

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