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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Jarix Stones

Created by a legendary mage known as Jarix, these ancient magical stones have the ability to teleport a person great distances when used in conjuction with a Jarix Obelisk.

At the outset of the Age of Araludon , when the Aldvari civilization was rapidly spreading across Sryth, the mage Jarix created a network of powerful magic obelisks that were placed at various points throughout the world. He channeled his own powers of teleportation into these giant obelisks, and made them accessible to others by way of an enchanted stone, which came to be known as a Jarix Stone.

By touching a rune on a Jarix Stone with your right hand, and the corresponding rune on the Jarix Obelisk with your right, it is said that you can teleport between Jarix Obelisks, thus saving many days, weeks, or months of travel.

When the magic of the ancient Aldvari begane to decline at the end of the Age of Araludon, many of their magical creations, including the Jarix Stones drifted into legend. The Jarix Obelisks can still be found standing in certain places on Sryth. Usually they are found half-buried in remote corners of ancient woods, or poking above the surface of swamps. Some obelisks are less obscure, however.

Legends say that the Jarix Stones were not completely without risk. There are ancient tales abound of travelers who used one, vanished, and were never heard from again.

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