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     July 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


A giant of unknown origin, Ironfist remains one of the more dangerous enemies of the Thanorians of Kyul-Thanor .

Standing nearly fourteen feet tall, this massive humanoid has a left fist constructed entirely out of iron -- a weapon he employs to devastating effect.

The blue-skinned giant has long, flowing silver hair which is normally tied back, and his head is often capped with a massive iron helmet. Apart from his fist he has been known to wield a weighty stone hammer.

Ironfist is known to wield a powerful magic that allows him to animate stone constructs to do his bidding. At various times he has waged large-scale assaults against the Thanorians with an entire legion of these stone creatures.

His last encounter with the Thanorians ended with his forced retreat into the Stony Hills west of Shadowedge. Many Thanorians remained hopeful that this was the last they would ever see of the fearsome iron-fisted giant.

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