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     July 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


Hawnley-Jakk is a particularly nasty mountain giant that has been an unpleasant fixture in the remote areas of western Tysa for almost a generation. Before he appeared in the area just over fifty years ago, it was commonly believed that the race of the mountain giants had become a thing of legend.

At first, Hawnley-Jakk won praise from the local towns and villages when he single-handedly (literally) defeated a wicked dusk dragon known as Qianzal by throttling the creature to death. Qianzal, an old and powerful dusk dragon , had been demanding tribute from the local towns and villages in exchange for providing "protection" to the entire area. Qianzal did little protecting, however, and a large number of missing people have been attributed to the dragon.

After killing Qianzal, Hawnley-Jakk and his two sons (Segg-Jakk and Hirn-Jakk) moved into the dragon's cave and began demanding tribute of their own from the locals. This tribute was paid without question, for who would dare defy a giant that had single-handedly strangled a powerful dusk dragon?

Hawnley-Jakk proved to be somewhat more tolerable than his predecessor, for although he did no actual "protecting" of the populace, he did not interfere in their affairs (as Qianzal had done from time to time). However, over the years the amount of payment he demands has continued to grow.

Many a bold soul has foolishly confronted the giant and his sons over the years, either attempting to drive him away or slay him -- they have all (without exception) met with certain doom. A few years back a troop of Tysian border rangers numbering at least twelve disappeared after attempting to forceably remove the three giants from the area.

Hawnley-Jakk stands just over twenty feet tall, and is said to have the strength of 100 men. His sons, Segg-Jakk and Hirn-Jakk are considerably smaller, each standing just over ten feet tall.

Many of the locals have come to accept Hawnley-Jakk and his tribute demands as a fact of life. The fact that the mountain giant has no mate is a sliver of hope. At least there aren't likely to be any more mountain giants to contend with!

The mountain giant's lair is said to be a cave located at the bottom of a broad dell in the rocky western portion of the Hart Hills .

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