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     July 20th
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The Tome of Lore:  Table of Contents

Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

The Realm of Hadrigon

The people of this vast grassland realm are the only true descendants of the Vorenthan that still walk the world of Sryth.

Hadrigon is not a unified nation by any stretch of the imagination. Five city-states of varying political persuasions and military strengths struggle to maintain their proud Vorenthan heritage, while trying to maintain diplomatic ties with the other realms of Northern Sryth .

The "unofficial" capital of Hadrigon is the city of Aiganek , on the north shore of the Aigan Sea . It is in Aiganek that the leaders of the various city-states that make up Hadrigon meet on an irregular basis. The meetings are meant to foster a sense of unity among the Hadrigonian people.

Hadrigon has found itself at odds (and often war) with virtually every nation of Northern Sryth at various times over the last thousand years. In the War of Six Kings , a united Hadrigon allied itself with Rethlyr the Defiler, the wicked sorcerer-king of Naralk.

The free nations of Sryth ultimately defeated the combined forces of Naralk and Hadrigon, and in the aftermath the people of Hadrigon rose up and cast down their King, breaking the nation into the city-states that make up its political landscape today.

Hadrigon remains a nation that should be considered dangerous to outsiders. Its borders, although easily traversed, are crossed only by the bold, or those with specific, provable business. It remains a harsh land, where hard living and a genuine mistrust of foreigners has become a way of life.

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