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     July 19th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

The Gathering of Blades

This historic meeting saw the leaders of three powerful, warring factions come together at High Esker, along the Tysian and Hadrigonian border, to hammer out a binding agreement that would lead to more than three centuries of peace across much of the North Broadlands .

The legendary adventurer Grey Wolf of Syr was instrumental in gaining the trust of each participating group and successfully orchestrating what many considered to be a fool's errand.

After nearly a month of negotiations, the goblin armies of the south, the humans of the north and west, and the giants of the east agreed to a lasting peace and an immediate end to the violence that had roiled the realms for nearly half an age.

Though the Gathering of Blades took place over five hundred years ago, it is still referenced to this day and set a powerful precedent for diplomacy between the various races and nations that occupy the North Broadlands .

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