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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


Very little is known about the elementalist known only as Frostarm.

What is known is that he lived over a thousand years ago, hailed from Phiadon , but spent the latter half of his life in the southern reaches of Tysa .

There, in Thanevale , in the company of several other powerful spellcasters, he devoted himself to the enchanting of items that he bestowed upon worthy adventurers and monster slayers.

Of all the items that bore his mighty enchantments, the Frigid Star items are said to have been the most powerful. These items each bear one or more stars sculpted out of enchanted ice. The stars have come to be known as "Frostarm's Mark" or the "Frigid Star".

It's rumoured that Tallys may have come into possession of several items bearing Frostarm's Frigid Star.

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