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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


'Devourer' is a name attributed to two distinct (but equally unpleasant) creatures an adventurer might encounter in the course of an adventure.

The first type of 'devourer' is the name given to a particularly savage breed of wolfkin that prowl the wintry Nevernal realm of Akamikilak, seeking to devour the palobread men who dwell there.

The second type is a large, black, slime-covered worm like creature that dwells in dark, watery lairs where it feeds on all manner of biological material and refuse.

A devourer's cavernous, ring-shaped mouth, though devoid of any teeth, is capable of delivering a crushing bite that can easily kill even very large prey.

Rumours of devourers prowling the maze of sewers beneath the streets of Trithik have existed for more than a couple of centuries.

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