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     July 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Lord Delgroth

Once one of the most renowned and respected mages in all of the North Broadlands , the tale of the latter days of Lord Delgroth of Tysa is one of tragedy.

Accused by members of the Grey Circle of engaging in the art of necromancy, and using it with ill intent, the shamed mage fled from his persecutors and is said to have hid in the mountains of Western Tysa.

It is believed it was in those mountains that Delgroth, once the Overlord of Trithik, came into possession of a powerful weapon with which he plotted revenge against those who had cast him out of his position and power.

Such revenge never came to fruition, and it is widely believed that the evil nature of the item he came to possess slowly took control of his mind.

Many are the tales of a mad, wandering, bearded man in the foothills beneath Tysa's lofty western peaks, though by any estimation, Delgroth has likely been dead for nearly four hundred years.

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