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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


Carverclaws are small humanoids (about 2/3 the size of the average human) that are closely-related to goblins. They have thick, leathery skin like goblins, which is almost always a deep shade of green.

These vile creatures were almost certainly the product of some dark sorcery, many ages ago.

Their name is derived from the long, sharp, stone-hard claws that protrude from each of their thumbs. These two claws serve as effective, natural weapons that all carverclaws are adept at using.

Carverclaws are not known to seek out confrontation with humans (as some other goblins species do), but instead prefer to hide themselves away in some dark, remote place where they can be left to their own affairs. When they feel their domain has been violated, however, they become savage and deadly enemies.

Note: It should be noted, however, that in some instances Carverclaws will be found in the employ of a powerful person or creature (usually someone or something they fear), and in such cases they will fiercely defend their master.

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