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     July 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Ardrosyl the Silent

A greater demon of unimaginable power, Ardrosyl rules over a vast Nevernal realm known as the Black Reach.

Towering above his undead servants, the fearsome demon lord stands just over twenty feet tall, with thick, bat-like wings that serve to carry his foul bulk high into the poisonous skies of his accursed kingdom. Three large, curved horns, each harder than stone, protrude from the top of his ridged head.

Ardrosyl wields a flame-wreathed mace which is said to ravenously consume any magic employed against its fearsome master.

As the legends tell it, in a battle that lasted nearly three days, a band of adventurers (from Sryth) fought the demon lord and managed to remove one of his four horns.

All but one of the adventurers were subsequently slain by Ardrosyl and his minions, but the lone survivor of the battle returned to Sryth with the demon's horn in his possession.

Ardrosyl's Horn was crafted into a magnificent sword -- a weapon that the legends say is capable of dealing the demon lord a fatal blow.

Soon after its creation, the sword made out of Ardrosyl's Horn was lost. Five hundred years later, beneath the ruins of an ancient Aldvari temple, the sword was found in a trap-laden vault.

Tallys , who now owns the Horn, has always denied that he was the one who found it.

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