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     February 7th
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Hall of Champions
Sryth's bravest adventurers can be found in the Hall of Champions...

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The Hall of Champions: Adventurer Residences
Names in green indicate that the Adventurer is an illustrious member of the Sryth Adventurers Guild.

Rank Grandeur Adventurer Residence
#1 2441 Elmroof House
Bellinea   (primentor)
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2441 Culhaven Manor
Garet Jax   (dhammett)
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2441 Outback Keep
Greygor   (greygor)
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2441 Snowscarp Castle
Benjamin   (benhutch12)
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2441 Demon Blood Court
Lord Of Darkness   (nivek)
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2441 Camelot House
Lancelot   (texlaw1992)
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2441 Griffonflight Castle
Trader Vic   (gregwalton)
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2441 Greatspire Hall
Regan Spargo   (galbraith)
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2441 Incubus Dreams Court
Feurrian   (killenthevil)
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2441 Bellview Keep
Batal   (wolfman)
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2441 Gamma House Castle
Gammathree   (jd13)
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2441 Bright Shadow Keep
Shadoweye   (darnheim)
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2441 Powerflame Castle
Elena   (valieb90)
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2441 Gamma House
Gamma Six   (jd13)
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2441 Stormridge Castle
Zaraphor   (shadar2001)
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2441 Silver Rose Manor
Giulia   (giulia)
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2441 Keep Out Keep
Gyregor   (greygor)
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2441 Inwood Hall
Padrake   (sarsfield)
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#2 2421 Steelmind Keep
Teras Kasi   (dhammett)
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2421 Paranor Castle
Allanon   (dhammett)
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2421 Silver Moon Tower
Bladesinger   (dhammett)
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#3 2401 Etheria Tower
Adusa   (melhambl)
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#4 2369 Grand Premier Malfoy Manor
Bane Malfoy   (redknight57)
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#5 2300 Coldwatch Court
Epsilon   (epsilon)
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#6 2297 Crimsonsong Court
Kaspian   (memoryking)
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#7 2285 Skullplain House
Bindari   (malac)
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#8 2273 Summermoon Manor
Lady Jemia   (summermoon2)
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#9 2210 Squires Castle
Shodowski   (cuyahoga)
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#10 2185 Ashtree Castle
The Bishop Of Aw   (thebish)
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#11 2035 Doomshadow Castle
Bane   (killerbob666)
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#12 1742 Manetheren Keep
Matrim Cauthon   (wheel)
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#13 1729 Starvale Keep
Jack   (whitemage)
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#14 1723 Avonmill House
Jaarth   (nandu)
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#15 1520 Dairy Just Wont Keep
Strongbad   (gordo)
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#16 1470 Ebbets Field Castle
Reiser   (durgin)
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#17 1425 Argos Keep
Strelok   (dandopolies)
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#18 1357 Birritanti Court
Glandragor   (balthusdire)
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#19 1292 Goodgate Hall
Telop   (telop)
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#20 1275 Barrowgrove Castle
Syros   (alpha)
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#21 1265 Tretower Court
Gwydion   (taliesin)
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#22 1185 Gamma Tower
Gammagal   (jd13)
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#23 1158 Silverwall Manor
Llee   (ding)
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#24 1111 Whitebrior House
Ark   (cala)
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#25 1054 Greendale Castle
Marissa   (paladin)
View Profile
#26 1049 Hermetic Manor
Aerylsilverheels   (larswyrdson)
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#27 1026 Winterhollow Castle
Celine   (grif123456)
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#28 1022 Thistlegrove Place
Ethario   (ethario)
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#29 1007 Ravenside Court
Lomner Dellmar   (jacobfmiller)
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#30 1006 Takhisis Keep
Drainsth   (drainsth)
View Profile
#31 977 Wildstone Place
Dring   (ding)
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#32 955 Dreamgrove Place
Zteven   (zteven)
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#33 892 Nightlake Keep
Tristan   (jimpos)
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#34 874 The Dying Sun House
Up   (7up)
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#35 866 Kryal Castle
Axe   (age)
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#36 814 Windcrest Castle
Mephisto   (replayer)
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#37 794 Treetop Manor
Xarantiroth   (psychoadept)
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#38 752 Opock Morph Castle
Odii   (opock)
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#39 653 Dragonfire Castle
Richard Draconis   (cormanthyr)
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#40 646 Ironroad House
Desdemona   (scrollfire18)
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#41 644 Jackson Manor
Kirito   (kirito123)
View Profile
#42 632 Dire Hollow Hall
Idony   (dancingfoxes)
View Profile
#43 630 Hogsbreath Keep
Ard   (kaffe)
View Profile
#44 622 Shiningleaf Hall
Aisling   (scrollfire18)
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#45 550 Delvedeephollow Oldfolks House
Greybeard   (gregwalton)
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#46 545 High Note Tower
Falsetto   (parabola)
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#47 519 Valis Castle
Kardis   (bledthorn)
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#48 515 Dreamgrove Court
Aracelis   (scrollfire18)
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#49 497 Coldrow Tower
Mighty1   (actheman)
View Profile
#50 494 Weyr Keep
Flnor   (kaffe)
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#51 488 Reglay Keep
Hilgrad   (sd93981)
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#52 454 Mistscarp Place
Grettir   (memoryking)
View Profile
#53 446 Blackblade Tower
Russ Grimm   (kaffe)
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446 Stormward Keep
Gharagax   (forestdrake)
View Profile
#54 425 Stonehaven Castle
Bishop   (rowen)
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425 Rubylight Tower
Chyrre   (summermoon2)
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#55 419 Dragonspire Castle
Reider   (heiro7770)
View Profile
#56 405 West Yo Castle
Ninth Earl Of Yo   (aquadorian)
View Profile
#57 392 Appleriver Castle
Elenis   (valieb90)
View Profile
#58 391 Thistle Leaf Castle
Selene Dayo   (scrollfire18)
View Profile
#59 383 Snowmere Manor
Scott   (scott)
View Profile
#60 382 Moonedge Manor
Trag   (jacobfmiller)
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