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     December 20th
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 Hall of Champions
Sryth's bravest adventurers can be found in the Hall of Champions...

If you're blind or visually-impaired, let us know how we can make the game more accessible to you.

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 The Hall of Champions: Adventurer Residences
Names in green indicate that the Adventurer is an illustrious member of the Sryth Adventurers Guild.

Rank Grandeur Adventurer Residence
#1 2441 Fernplain Manor
Nathair Ap Dubh   (makhazarhael)
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2441 Elmroof House
Bellinea   (primentor)
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2441 Outback Keep
Greygor   (greygor)
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2441 Snowscarp Castle
Benjamin   (benhutch12)
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2441 Heartsong Hall
Belladonna   (belladonna)
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2441 Demon Blood Court
Lord Of Darkness   (nivek)
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2441 Camelot House
Lancelot   (texlaw1992)
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2441 Griffonflight Castle
Trader Vic   (gregwalton)
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2441 Incubus Dreams Court
Feurrian   (killenthevil)
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2441 Bellview Keep
Batal   (wolfman)
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2441 Gamma House Castle
Gammathree   (jd13)
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2441 Powerflame Castle
Elena   (valieb90)
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2441 Gamma House
Gamma Six   (jd13)
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2441 Olympus Hall
Maximus   (bronco18)
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2441 Stormridge Castle
Zaraphor   (shadar2001)
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2441 Starview Keep
Vykron   (nemor)
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#2 2425 Greystorm House
Durgin Nevermiss   (durgin)
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#3 2369 Grand Premier Malfoy Manor
Bane Malfoy   (redknight57)
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#4 2345 Stoneledge Place
Bonn   (zonker668)
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#5 2300 Coldwatch Court
Epsilon   (epsilon)
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#6 2297 Crimsonsong Court
Kaspian   (memoryking)
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#7 2293 The Shadow Court
Shadowfire   (shadowfire)
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#8 2251 Blueocean Castle
Billydakid   (billydakid)
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#9 2185 Greatspire Hall
Regan Spargo   (galbraith)
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#10 2117 Summermoon Manor
Lady Jemia   (summermoon2)
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#11 2076 Grey Demesne Court
Spencer Lionking   (durgin)
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#12 2072 The Shattered Tower
Actaneon   (shadowmancer)
View Profile
#13 1793 Skullplain House
Bindari   (malac)
View Profile
#14 1779 Tashkarii Castle
Mordi   (birch19)
View Profile
#15 1761 Dragonarch Keep
Silk   (kbtegp)
View Profile
#16 1567 Goldenturret House
Rhia   (doolipalally)
View Profile
#17 1547 Covenant Castle
Rakash Denar   (angelgreene)
View Profile
#18 1438 Ebbets Field Castle
Reiser   (durgin)
View Profile
#19 1292 Ashtree Castle
The Bishop Of Aw   (thebish)
View Profile
#20 1228 Srythak Place
Arik   (arik)
View Profile
#21 983 Whitebrior House
Ark   (cala)
View Profile
#22 781 Skaro Court
Ciarn   (merrygypsy)
View Profile
#23 775 Thornview House
Ira   (lazypenguin)
View Profile
#24 746 Manetheren Keep
Matrim Cauthon   (wheel)
View Profile
#25 739 Hilti Corner Court
Bigdrill   (hairykeys)
View Profile
#26 734 Keep Out Keep
Gyregor   (greygor)
View Profile
#27 729 Moonshadow Tower
Laroikiri   (garth345)
View Profile
#28 675 Evermist Castle
Maximus   (cddanforth)
View Profile
#29 630 Hogsbreath Keep
Ard   (kaffe)
View Profile
#30 579 Dol Guldur Castle
Gryphon   (nazgul9)
View Profile
#31 530 Blackflame Court
Weezel   (qwertyweezel)
View Profile
#32 529 Greystone Castle
Sophia   (feliscon)
View Profile
#33 527 Handfast Keep
Handfast   (grimbold)
View Profile
527 Seatemple Place
Cutefish   (cutefish)
View Profile
#34 499 Shiningleaf Hall
Aisling   (scrollfire18)
View Profile
#35 494 Weyr Keep
Flnor   (kaffe)
View Profile
#36 474 Jackson Manor
Kirito   (kirito123)
View Profile
#37 462 Mochovich Hall
Lou Cypher   (kiwana)
View Profile
#38 454 Mistscarp Place
Grettir   (memoryking)
View Profile
454 Shadowmarch Keep
Alfred E Neumann   (thk)
View Profile
#39 450 Barrowgrove Castle
Syros   (alpha)
View Profile
#40 446 Blackblade Tower
Russ Grimm   (kaffe)
View Profile
446 Ironroad House
Desdemona   (scrollfire18)
View Profile
#41 442 Shadowspire Castle
Dazac   (dazac)
View Profile
#42 441 Delvedeephollow Oldfolks House
Greybeard   (gregwalton)
View Profile
#43 425 Stonehaven Castle
Bishop   (rowen)
View Profile
#44 422 Raven Song Castle
Lionheart   (stratis)
View Profile
#45 398 Rubylight Tower
Chyrre   (summermoon2)
View Profile
#46 395 Dreamgrove Court
Aracelis   (scrollfire18)
View Profile
#47 381 Coldrow Tower
Mighty1   (actheman)
View Profile
381 Sagetree Place
Jamie   (glowworm)
View Profile
#48 372 Snakespire Place
Rohrius   (crixus)
View Profile
#49 362 Larkstone House
Octopus Doctor   (hephaestus16)
View Profile
#50 319 Thistle Leaf Castle
Selene Dayo   (scrollfire18)
View Profile
#51 315 Grimm Castle
Dyne   (dyne)
View Profile
#52 314 Willowdeep House
Everly   (systari)
View Profile
#53 306 Bramblegate House
Quincy   (memoryking)
View Profile
#54 280 Wolfbank Keep
Aluminia   (galbraith)
View Profile
#55 272 Sir Davions Tower
Master Davion   (phearface)
View Profile
#56 266 Rotfang Tower
Izivol   (memoryking)
View Profile
#57 265 Stormstone Keep
Domino   (dominoblack)
View Profile
#58 260 Snowhill Hall
Sheil   (kream)
View Profile
#59 257 Barrowtree House
Silverwings   (gilberttheme)
View Profile
#60 244 Stormwood Keep
Jakk Storm   (jacques)
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