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     October 23rd
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Fitzban's  Sryth™ Adventurer Profile

Fitzban, the Lord of Moondawn Place, has, by virtue of his indomitable spirit, become an adventurer of no small renown.

Possessing thirteen skills and versed in ten magical disciplines , the legendary arcanist and adept elementalist bears the well-earned reputation of a man of bold action and bravery -- someone who stands undaunted before dire peril and who's ever ready to seek out adventure.

Fitzban is from the adventurer roster of karont.

Melee Rating: 596 Stamina Points: 632 Nevernal Reserve: 164

Agility:  20
Body:  20
Might:  17
Aura:  20
Mind:  20
Spirit:  20
Luck:  17

Skill Level Title
Arcana 100 Legendary Arcanist
Archery 60 Adept Archer
Diplomacy 65 Adept Envoy
Seamanship 1 Novice Seafarer
Thievery 70 Master Rogue
Unarmed Combat 90 Archmaster Unarmed Combatant
Weaponry 90 Archmaster Warrior
Weaponry: Bashing 1 Novice Smiter
Weaponry: Hacking 1 Novice Axeman
Weaponry: Polearms 1 Novice Pikeman
Weaponry: Slashing 90 Archmaster Swordsman
Weaponry: Stabbing 90 Archmaster Bladesman
Woodsmanship 90 Archmaster Huntsman

Power Level Title
Conjuration 10 Apprentice Conjurer
Destruction 56 Expert Battlemage
Divination 5 Novice Diviner
Elementalism 65 Adept Elementalist
Fortification 1 Novice Shieldwarden
Gating 40 Accomplished Summoner
Illusion 10 Apprentice Illusionist
Necromancy 55 Expert Necromancer
Restoration 55 Expert Healer
Telekinesis 12 Apprentice Telekineticist

Equipment in Use

Wielded Weapon:   Everforged Longsword
Armour (Torso):   Red Fur-Trimmed Vest
Armour (Head):   Red Fur-Trimmed Hat
Armour (Shield):   Gralgarak's Shield
Armour (Waist):   Plate Belt
Armour (Arms):   Red Fur-Trimmed Sleeves
Armour (Legs):   Red Fur-Trimmed Breeches
Armour (Feet):   Black Fur-Trimmed Boots
Armour (Hands):   Snowsuit Mittens
Black Fur-Trimmed Gloves
Armour (Rings):   Silverfrost Ring (II)
Everforged Ring
Varkyn's Ring of Motley Wonder
Ring of Midnight Frost
Toegrog's Blue Ring
Toegrog's Green Ring
Ring of Secrets
Toegrog's Ebony Ring
Toegrog's Red Ring
Cheersong Ring
Armour (Neck):   Silverfrost Amulet (II)
Everforged Amulet
Talisman of Midnight Frost
Amulet of the Winds
Chain of Heretofore
Chain of Hereafter
Armour (Back):   ---
Armour (Tabard):   Crimson Tabard
Armour (Pendant):   ---
Armour (Wrist):   Emerald Bracelet

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Adventurer Profile last updated:  10/23/2021 07:11 AM

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