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     April 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


Once the greatest knight in the Kingdom of Phiadon , the mighty and beloved Zardruzin fell victim to the vicious curse of a vengeful dragon -- the mighty Jirin-Nol .

The curse slowly and painfully took its toll on the mighty warrior, changing him from a grand and revered figure in the Kingdom, to a bent, withered, and hateful creature.

Zardruzin had set out to slay Jirin-Nol, using a powerful artifact he had recently come into possession of -- The Wand of Dragonfire.

According to the legends, it was The Wand of Dragonfire that was used by the band of brave adventurers who eventually defeated the wicked dragon lord.

The wand is believed to have been shattered by Jirin-Nol's followers, following his untimely demise, and its remains hidden away in his secret tomb.

Zardruzin fled and hid himself in the wilds following the onset of the curse. Many accounts tell of him spending his remaining years in the forests of western Tysa, hidden away from the realm of man and the world he once fearlessly defended -- the very world that now shunned and despised him.

The hidden lair of Zardruzin, where the cursed, fallen knight spent the remainder of his life, has long been a matter for speculation, though it is commonly believed that its construction was facilitated by a powerful sorcerer who remained his loyal friend until the end of his days.

Also part of Zardruzin's legend is the notion that within his hidden lair lies the means by which to reconstruct the Wand of Dragonfire.

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