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     September 17th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


The realm of Zarathmor resides deep within the Neverness , on a perpetually spinning arm of quasi-reality known as the Shadowfold.

It is here, amidst Zarathmor's vast, sun-poisoned expanse, that the mighty Zarathrook Timebender maintains his interminable and tyrannical reign.

Zarathrook, who most often appears in the form of a massive red-shelled crab, is believed to be a greater demon of immense power, said to possess the ability to bend and control time.

Despite his seeming omnipotence, both within his realm and beyond, Zarathrook has faced challenges to his cruel authority over the last several centuries, most notably from a ragged band of renegade insectoids known as the 'Clawed Reach'.

Runeskin once attempted to conquer Zarathmor, but quickly found himself outmatched at every turn by Zarathrook, whose time-bending powers nearly trapped the immortal ogre in an inescapable Nevernal dimension.

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