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     July 20th
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The Tome of Lore:  Table of Contents

Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

The Vorenthan

The Vorenthan and the Aldvari were the first and only two races of men to ever appear on Sryth. Both these ancient races were sea-faring folk, who sailed out of the north and arrived in Northern Sryth in the middle of the epoch that historians now refer to as The Age of Storms .

Ancient lore tells of a great cataclysm that took place far to the north over the Sundren Sea in lands uncharted. In the wake of this profound disaster, both the Vorenthan and the Aldvari were forced to flee south, braving the vastness of the ocean, until at last they arrived on the shores of Northern Sryth.

The Vorenthan were a warlike people, swift to anger, and ever-distrustful of the Aldvari. The Aldvari had in their midst, sorcerers, who managed to master the magical energy abundant in the new world. The Vorenthan could not harness this magical energy, and they were forever resentful of the Aldvari for the advantages its power gave them.

While the Aldvari spread far and wide throughout the world of Sryth, the Vorenthan become bogged down in disputes and wars amongst themselves. Thus, while the Aldvari civilization thrived and spread its influence, the civilization of the Vorenthan barely managed to survive.

Physically, the Vorenthan look very much like the Aldvari, save that their hair is always jet black. The pupils and irises of their eyes are the same jet black, giving them a very distinct look that is difficult to disguise.

Today, the realm of Hadrigon is the only place on Sryth where the true descendants of the Vorenthan make their home.

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