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     June 14th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Velgorath the Wretched

Long a repugnant fixture in the commerce that transpires in and passes through Trithik , the vile, scheming, immensely rotund merchant known "affectionately" as Velgorath the Wretched is a figure whose fear-inspired clout is matched only by the dire extent of his unearthly bulk.

Before Thane Pyrond was granted the authority to oversee Trithik, Velgorath and a tight circle of his closest confederates enjoyed almost complete authority over the city, surpassing the power of Trithik's governing council and even that of the mighty River Guild .

Following Thane Pyrond's arrival and the subsequent disbanding of the city's governing council, the Thane and the River Guild have worked to make certain that the influence wielded by Velgorath and his cohorts is effectively marginalized.

Despite this set back, Velgorath remains a figure of considerable wealth and influence who continues to ply his various schemes, endeavours, and enterprises from behind the thick, moss-covered walls of an old watchtower on the edge of Gaddurug's End in Trithik's northern district.

Velgorath is a giant of a man who possesses formidable strength, a quick temper, a near-impossible girth, and a penchant for resorting to brutal, violent tactics to bend others to his will.

Those whose less-than-scrupulous affairs bring them into contact with Trithik's teeming underbelly are well aware of the fact that many who have dangerously run afoul of Velgorath have simply disappeared.

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