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     July 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


Tzaril are a malevolent race of semi-humanoid serpents. The lower half of their body is that of a large snake, while the upper half is outfitted with two human-like arms. The broad, flattened head of a tzaril is that of a giant snake.

Tzaril are particularly cruel, and wicked, and they often seek to enslave their victims. These cunning creatures have become quite a rarity throughout the realms, as they have long been sought out by humans for destruction. However, recent encounters with Tzaril suggest that they may be a more prevalent threat than is commonly assumed.

Tzaril are capable of wielding weapons, and they usually do so with a great degree of skill. Some Tzaril possess magical abilities.

It should be noted that Tzaril will rarely be encountered alone.

Tzaril, much like krogari , are able to assume human form for long durations, making them a particularly deadly and elusive foe.

It has also been said that when killed a tzaril can retain its human guise, thus concealing its true nature, even in death.

The goal of the Tzaril is the enslavement and/or destruction of all humankind.

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