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The Tome of Lore:  Table of Contents

Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

The Twin Blades

The twin brother and sister whose long list of foul deeds have earned them this infamous moniker (The Twin Blades) are two characters best avoided.

Zarythor (brother) and Thalynor (sister) began their storied careers as outlaws early in life, when upon the death of their father (a ruthless brigand known to most as 'Silverfang') they assumed control of what remained of his band of highwaymen.

Under the control of the twins, who displayed not only their father's cruel nature, but also his fearsome skill with all manner of weaponry, the small band of highwaymen quickly grew into a small army of robbers and raiders that mercilessly pillaged outlying settlements across the entire breadth of southern Tysa.

At last, when the rewards put on their heads by the Crown became more than even the most ardent of brigands could hope to resist, the twins were betrayed by a handful of their own, and captured by border rangers in an ambush near the city of Tryndmoor.

The twins escaped from their ranger captors three days later, on the journey to Talinus, where they were to stand accused of the long and gruesome litany of their crimes. They were captured twice again in the decade that followed, and managed to escape twice more.

After their last escape, which left three border rangers and five soldiers dead on a quiet road south of Trithik, Zarythor and Thalynor disappeared.

Most believed that they had fled the North Broadlands entirely, though a good number felt that they were simply hiding out, in some remote nook in the wilds of Tysa, patiently awaiting the day that they would seek their revenge on their betrayers -- and their kin.

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