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     July 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


The hideous Tuskrog is an abomination out of the depths of the Neverness , and can be found across a myriad of Nevernal realms.

The tuskrog is a humanoid amphibious creature with the torso, head, and limbs of a large frog. From either side of the tuskrog's mouth protrudes a massive tusk, which gives them not only a fearsome appearance, but also a deadly goring weapon.

Perhaps the tuskrog's most feared weapon is its barbed tongue, which can shoot from its mouth to a distance nearing ten feet. The tuskrog uses its tongue as an effective weapon during combat. They commonly employ spears and staves as weapons.

Generally speaking, these creatures stand five feet high at the shoulder and have slight builds. They are able to climb all manner of surfaces with ease, and can cling to and move across walls and ceilings without difficulty.

The tuskrog are silent creatures, and they communicate with each other telepathically. They are cunning and warlike, and do not tolerate the presence of other sentient species.

There have been rumoured sightings of these foul creatures slinking about the world of Sryth, but as of yet these have not been substantiated.

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