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     June 14th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


Hailing from Port Hallik , the renowned (and largely self-proclaimed) Master Mage known as Trullwick is a man whose motives have long been shrouded in both mystery and controversy.

Among the master spellcaster's more famous (and popular) feats, is the transformation of Experience into Adventurer Tokens .

From time to time, the aging, white-robed Trullwick is known to make an appearance at the Silver Shaft Inn, located on the ancient highway that runs between Trithik and Mirgspil . While there, he routinely performs his aforementioned transformation magic.

Some have taken to calling Trullwick, due to his somewhat argumentative and abrupt demeanour, "Old Grumpy", though certainly never to his face.

There are many who believe that Trullwick uses the Experience he takes from adventurers in exchange for Adventurer Tokens for purposes that may be somewhat nefarious in nature.

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