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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Trithik - The Adderstone

The city of Trithik has long been a blight on the landscape of the Kingdom of Tysa. Legend has it that this seedy riverport was created when a villainous mage carelessly tossed an enchanted gemstone into a field of tall grass. As the legend tells it, the snakes in the field grew into men, and thus Trithik was born.

Although that legend has hardly a historical leg to stand on, comparing many of the city's denizens to snakes may not be a great stretching of reality.

Over the past few years things in Trithik have gone from bad to worse. Many of the city's prominent merchants and tradesmen have left for friendlier streets, and despite its continued status as a trade gateway, poverty and crime continue to rise.

Despite its notorious reputation as a haven for smugglers, thieves, and other criminal ilk, it remains the busiest riverport in all of Tysa, and still serves as a main trade gateway to all points north, east, and south within the Kingdom.

Recently, Thane Pyrond (one of Tysa's Five Thanes has made the city of Trithik his personal crusade. Exercising Authority Under The Crown , Pyrond entered Trithik with a private militia force (made up of his own men as well as several mercenary legions), and set about the task of cleaning up the city.

The Thane's first order of business was to establish a dusk-till-dawn curfew for the city, with the exception of the city's busy riverport, which operates at all hours. Pyrond's armed troops have begun patrolling the streets after dusk, to enforce the curfew.

The Tysian army also keeps a garrison of troops in the city, and Tysian military leaders have grown to dislike Pyrond and his armed force. There have been several clashes between Pyrond's militia and the Tysian army regulars. News of the growing resentment has reached King Wenreald in Talinus , and he has considered ordering Pyrond to take his troops and leave the city.

However, the King is reluctant to resort to that measure, because for the first time in many years there is progress being made cleaning up the streets of the Adderstone.

One of Trithik's most famous (or perhaps infamous) attractions is the Russled Grouse gambling hall, located in the north sector of the city.

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