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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Trillwark of Zarathmor

Despite having been born in Tysa and having lived most of his life within the Kingdom's boundaries, the eccentric but highly-skilled mage known as Trillwark always referred to himself as "Trillwark of Zarathmor".

Once a high-ranking member of the Grey Circle , Trillwark was accused of insubordinate acts and cast out of the order.

Following his banishment from the brotherhood of mages, he spent the remainder of his life largely in seclusion, dwelling in the ruins of an old watchtower at the northern edge of the Felrundin Range .

It has long been speculated that during his self-imposed exile, Trillwark began embarking on excursions into the Neverness through the use of a Shadow Path .

Coupled with the speculation about his ventures into the Neverness are the rumours that these journeys amassed Trillwark a hoard of strange magical items which he kept hidden in a vault beneath his tower.

Nearly three hundred years ago, Trillwark disappeared without a trace, leaving many to wonder what had become of the eccentric adventuring mage.

A little more than a year after his disappearance, adventurers exploring his ruined tower abode discovered a strange and sinister clue.

Scrawled in blood on the floor of the tower's lowest level was the crude likeness of a crab wearing a crown.

Trillwark's Trinkets, the name given to the myriad of strange items the eccentric mage hoarded over his lifetime, have begun to appear throughout the realms.

Trillwark's insignia, found on various objects and in scattered places, is the head of a dragon skewered by two crossed arrows.

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