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     June 14th
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The Tome of Lore:  Table of Contents

Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

The Thumbrelks of Dragonwrath

For the better part of three generations (some would argue longer than even that), the Thumbrelk family has held sway in the town of Dragonwrath .

As history has it, it was nearly a century ago that Brogmarth Thumbrelk arrived in Dragonwrath and subsequently purchased the Blackgate Mine from its owner. Brogmarth, with his wife and five children, settled in and the family quickly rose to power and eminence.

Brogmarth, a large, swaggering man with a volatile temper, assumed full control of the flow of silver leaving the mine, abolishing Dragon Wrath's mine council (a body that had been in place for nearly fifty years) as he further consolidated his growing power and influence.

In an act that finalized the authority of the Thumbrelks, Brogmarth was selected (though many dispute the notion that there was any other option) as protector of Dragonwrath. Immediately upon adopting his new title, he disbanded the town's militia and replaced it with a legion of mercenaries.

These skilled warriors, many of whom had been soldiers during the great goblin wars on Tysa's eastern flank, would defend not only Dragonwrath, but also the mine and the silver caravans that left town.

Clad in a mix of chain and leather, over which they wore black tunics bearing the ancient family crest of the Thumbrelks (a bear's head crowned by the rays of the setting sun), the townsfolk (many of whom disliked Brogmarth's authoritative ways) came to call the mercenaries Brogmen , a moniker still in use to this day.

The current protector of Dragonwrath, Lyorik Thumbrelk (also known as the 'Elder Thumbrelk'), is the great grandson of Brogmarth. Some have suggested Lyorik is at the heart of the town's well-concealed underbelly that thrives out of sight in Dragonwrath.

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