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     July 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


For more than a year this massive rat (by some accounts the size of a mule), prowled the sewers and streets of Talinus , stalking human prey, and killing and devouring anything unfortunate enough to cross its path.

Finally, a local hero and adventurer by the name of Rommik (who soon after met his fate at the hands of a roaming band of ogres) hunted down and put two arrows in the hideous creature. When the rat dragged itself off into the sewers before it could be reached, it was universally assumed that it would soon succumb to its wounds. And ineed, for four long years Three-Tail and the gruesome legend he spawned faded into memory.

There are many who claim that the rat was not a rat at all, but rather a demon in rat form, given the creature's extremely cunning and vicious nature. There are also many who refuse to believe that Three-Tail was slain, and that the foul beast still lurks in the shadows of the city, or in the forests outside its walls.

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