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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

The Thorn-Gill

This legendary creature is said to roam the marshlands that lie between the dark, murky waters of Barrow Loch and the vast expanse of moorland that surrounds the city of Tryndmoor.

Descriptions of this beast vary, but most of those who have reportedly sighted it agree that it appears to be a troll-sized, two-legged creature, with bulbous yellow eyes and large gill slits on the side of its wide neck. Its head is said to be covered with small, sharp, thorn-like protrusions, and both its feet and hands are said to be webbed.

The stories that surround this semi-mythical creature suggest that it lives in the murky deep of Barrow Loch, and that it prowls into the inland marshes and roams the moor at night in search of prey.

The Thorn-Gill, as it is known to the locals, has been blamed for many unexplained disappearances over the years.

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