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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Thorn Isle

Rising out the deep, frigid waters of Lake Ironrain's northwest corner, the small island known as Thorn Isle has long been the centre of many local legends.

The island earned its name due to the thorny vines that cover much of its hilly, thickly-forested terrain.

An abandoned tower stands in the midst of the tangled patch of forest that covers the isle. Local legends tell of a light that can be seen, now and again, coming from the top of the tower. Many believe that a magical beacon still burns somewhere atop the structure.

While many believe that Thorn Isle is a remnant of a legendary island that is said to have sunk beneath the icy waters of the lake long ago, there are just as many eager to dispel the notion.

The closest settlement to Thorn Isle is the town of Irongard, which is spread along the edge of a cove, on the northwest shoulder of Lake Ironrain. Thorn Isle is approximately a mile beyond the mouth of the cove, though plainly visible from Irongard.

The people of Irongard, and those of the lake region in general, believe that Thorn Isle is a dangerous, cursed place.

A handful of adventurers have, over the years, ventured onto the isle, though no detailed accounts of their explorations remain.

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