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     February 23rd
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Tar Lake

The perilous, black depths of Tar Lake have claimed countless unwary -- and foolhardy -- souls.

This vast morass of thick, bubbling tar lies deep within a forest region of central Tysa known as the Griffon Crags.

Dozens of small islands of stone rise out of the deadly tar bog, adding to the sinister appearance of the treacherous lake.

Some adventurers -- though who can believe everything an adventurer says -- claim to have successfully navigated their way into the heart of the mire.

While it is possible that there is truth to some of these accounts, it is extremely likely that there are many who have attempted to cross the lake, only to have the fathomless abyss become their tomb.

Another legend maintains that the souls of those who perish in the bog will now and again rise out of the mire, in the form of a fearsome guardian spirit known as Ulgror.

To visit Tar Lake, travel to the Griffon Crags in Central Tysa.

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