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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


This densely forested valley, surrounded by the Skyhorn Mountains, is home to an ancient civilization known as the Grajan. The Grajan are a breed of extremely large owls, some close to ten feet in height.

These powerful and intelligent creatures are said to communicate with one another through a complex language that no human has ever been able to decipher. Humans who have actually met the Grajan say that the large owls can also communicate telepathically with other creatures.

There are no human settlements in the dense forests of Talonvale, for few beings dare tread upon the realm of the Grajan. Although docile and reclusive, the Grajan defend their homeland furiously, and have more than once routed invading armies (and even a few roving dragons) that sought to conquer Talonvale.

There remains much that is unknown about the Grajan. It is believed that they have inhabited Talonvale for several thousand years. Although no one knows their exact number, the very wise believe that they continue to flourish in their self-created seclusion.

Although Talonvale falls geographically inside the Kingdom of Phiadon , it has long been considered a realm unto itself, outside the political landscape of the Kingdom.

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