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     July 20th
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The Tome of Lore:  Table of Contents

Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Talinus - City of The Griffon

Talinus is the captial city of Tysa, and thus it is here that the King's citadel is located. Tysa's current monarch is King Wenreald .

Talinus is among the most renown and prosperous cities in the North Broadlands . The land outside the city is rich and fertile, which has given rise to a thriving agricultural community. And, bordered by the sea on the north, Talinus enjoys a profitable trade with many different cities and nations.

The city is named 'City of The Griffon' due to four large stone griffons that adorn its high outer wall. Legend has it that the Griffons are the guardians of the city, and will come to life to protect the city in its hour of greatest need.

Over two thousand years ago, as the army of Thel the Cruel besieged the city, it is said that a powerful griffon named Mirudar came to the city's defense. The powerful creature single-handedly destroyed Thel the Cruel's army, and then slew the evil barbarian lord before the gates of the city. Mirudar then gave his four children to the service of the city, and they became the large stone griffons that sit perched today atop the city's high outer wall.

Although many discount this story as mere legend, the imposing presence of the stone griffons has given many a would-be invader second thoughts about assailing the capital of Tysa.

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