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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


Long thought to be a creature of myth, the legendary stickleg has been spotted with increasing frequency across the wilds of the North Broadlands .

The legs and arms of these strange two-legged woodland beings resemble long, thin sticks, though they are not actually made of wood. The thick, spiny exoskeleton that covers their soft flesh resembles the bark of a stick.

Sticklegs have a broad, shelled torso that matches their arms and legs.

The heads of these creatures have black, fly-like eyes that protrude from the top of their nearly-flat skulls. A thick shell, much like that which covers their torso, protect their heads.

The intelligence of these beings has never been determined, but they often operate in large bands, and have been known to attack trolls and ogres, overpowering such sizable foes with sheer numbers.

Sticklegs attack using the sharpened tips of their three-fingered hands.

In woodland settings, these beings move in near-total silence, and use this to their advantage when stalking their prey. They make no audible sounds and some have speculated that they communicate telepathically.

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