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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Sea Dragons

Extremely rare, very reclusive, and frightfully powerful, the mighty sea dragons that once inhabited a broad swatch of the rugged coastline of the North Broadlands , have dwindled in number over the last several centuries. Many believe that only a handful of these mighty, majestic creatures remain.

Sea dragons are one of the larger and more intelligent species of dragondom. Their thick, green-hued scales are harder than steel, and impervious to all but the most powerfully-enchanted magical weapons. Their broad heads bear six long, curved horns, angled in a variety of directions, which the they adeptly use to strike and kill large prey from above.

Though not outwardly hostile to humans, sea dragons prefer to be left alone, and will fiercely defend their lairs (usually sea caves).

Sea dragons are known to prey upon smaller dragons of other species, and are adept at attacking and killing large marine creatures like whales and sharks. Sea dragons can remain submerged for up to an hour at a time, and will often pursue their prey to great distances -- and great depths.

Like most dragons, sea dragons have a set of powerful wings which they employ as they circle high above the ocean, scouring the waves below for their next meal.

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