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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


Jibik Ardmor, known best by his legendary moniker, 'Scavenger', is a thief and explorer famous for acquiring numerous artifacts and rarities both for himself and for various clients throughout the realms.

Though many of the account of Scavenger's exploits depict him to be a benevolent sort of character, who plies his trade to help those in need, most believe that the real Jibik Ardmor is a ruthless outlaw whose tactics involve cruel deception, thievery, and murder.

As famous as the tales featuring Scavenger's adventures have become, very little is actually known about him.

Some have gone as far to suggest that Scavenger doesn't even exist and that his fictional personage and history simply was born and grew out of the mincing of many well-established tales.

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