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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Ryorsial's Five Barons

The Kingdom of Ryorsial was long ago divided into five distinct baronies. The barons, though under the control of Ryorsial's monarch, were given freedom to govern their own jurisdictions as they saw fit, provided that their governance did not impede the King's will.

The kingdom's barons grew in power over the years, and as they did they became a direct challenge to the authority of the King.

When King Pilahn and his family were found murdered, many throughout the kingdom believed that one or more of the barons were responsible. Upon the death of the monarch, the five barons moved quickly, though separately, to secure control of the kingdom as it entered the throes of Chaos.

However, in a move that perhaps none of them expected, Norin Bregg, King Pilahn's top advisor, stepped forth and declared himself to be the Steward of Ryorsial. Bregg now resides in the King's Citadel in the city of Sebaldin , where he has promised to govern the kingdom until the rightful heir is discovered.

Sebaldin's three knightly orders have vowed to support Bregg's rulership, until the rightful heir is found. The three knightly orders represent a powerful deterrent to any baron who might decide to try and capture the capital of Ryorsial by force.

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